Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | The Droids Are Back

Yay… I just love these droid episodes… Let’s just get this over with.

Clone Wars

In all honesty, the first one is the worst episode. And it’s not even that bad. It’s stupid but it’s fun in some parts at least.

New Faces


Clone Wars

The King of Aleen and one of the beings responsible for R2’s and 3PO’s quest. We don’t get a whole lot about him but he does seem to know what’s causing the quakes.

The Kindalo

Clone Wars

A tree race that lives under Aleen’s surface. They set the droids on the path to fixing the problem and that’s about it.


Clone Wars

No one is exactly sure what she is. She may be a force user like the Nightsisters but her abilities are more light than dark. Regardless she leads the droids out of the underground.


Season 4 Episode 5

Clone Wars

The droids land on the Planet Aleem and go through a random adventure to save it from some vague thing and leave. I’m not even sure why a metal cap being displaced was enough to doom the planet to start with. This whole episode just sort of comes out of the left field and stays there.

Season 4 Episode 6

Clone Wars

Same with this episode. We got all kinds of references from it but the overall plot is lackluster, compared to the rest of this season. It might be entertaining for children unless you get every reference thrown in your face. We get a far better arc with droids later.

Basic Character Analysis: N/A

We don’t get enough on any of the new characters to cover them and the droids pretty much stay the same throughout the entirety of Star Wars.

Random Fun Fact: Mercy Mission

Mercy Mission: Season 4, Episode 5, was the least watched episode of the entire show. Somehow it annoyed people more… than Jar-Jar.

MVP: R2-D2

I mean he’s the one that figured things out. C3PO was just there being… himself.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

It looked cool… s’about it, really.


These episode aren’t great. But they do have their fun side. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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