Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Grievous Captured?

Okay, so this one is just silly.

Clone Wars

Jar-Jar is back and this time he leads a team of Gungans in capturing Grievous and it somehow works. I guess Grievous isn’t as tough as he looks.

New Faces

Boss Lyonie

Clone Wars

The current boss of the Gungans and he looks a lit like Jar-Jar.

Rish Loo

Clone Wars

A Gungan mystic and Separatists to boot. He’s controlling Lyonie at first but that gets fixed.


Season 4 Episode 4

Clone Wars

So, Anakin and Padme hear some disturbing rumors about the Gungans and decide to investigate. This leads them to discover that the rumors are true. Boss Lyonie is leading the Gungans to turn on the people of Theed. It’s later found out that Rish Loo is behind Lyonie’s change of heart and that leads to a confrontation resulting in Lyonie getting injured. Jar-Jar takes his place and ends up cornering and capturing Grievous with the help of the Gungan army. That upsets Dooku so he kills Rish and captures Anakin. He then uses Anakin as a bargaining chip to get Grievous back.

Basic Character Analysis: Rish Loo

He’s a slimy weasel who wants whatever power he can get. He’s in this for hi own personal gain my guess is he’s just another guy who wants to be king. He doesn’t seem to be much deeper than that and if he was we’ll never now seeing how he’s dead now.

Random Fun Fact: The City of Theed

Theed was founded 800 years before the events of the first prequel film by refugees. I guess that’s why Anakin and Padme disguised them selves as refugees in Attack of The Clones.

MVP: Jar-Jar…

I can’t believe I’m doing this. As much as I hate Jar-Jar his roll in this episode was a pivotal one.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

I can’t help it that was both funny and awesome.


Welp those are my thoughts on this weird episode. I need a drink to cleanse my mind. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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