Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | War on Water World

Finally we’ve made it to my favorite planet.

Clone Wars

If you’ve seen the original Clone Wars series you know that this particular war got pretty brutal on this planet. Well, this series takes things up a notch by making this arc have three parts. I know a certain character is in this arc as well but he’s not in the spotlight so it doesn’t bug me as much.

New Faces


Clone Wars

The Prince of Mon Cala and the target of much animosity among the Quarren. He’s caught up in the whole mess and is marked for death by the Separatists.

Nossor Ri

Clone Wars

The current voice of the Quarren, although he seems to regret most of their actions against Lee-Char.

Riff Tamson

Clone Wars

The real reason behind this battle. Riff is vying for control of the planet and has made a deal with Dooku to get it.


Season 4 Episode 1

Clone Wars

The King of Mon Cala has been killed and his son is set to take his place. The only problem is he’s seen as too young and inexperienced to do the job. When negotiations fall apart, The Republic sends troops to assure Lee-Char’s safety and he’s lucky ’cause people try to kill him right after that. And that’s about as good as things get for him. Most of this episode, The Republic is outmatched in almost every way.

Season 4 Episode 2

Clone Wars

Lee-Char and company make for the surface to signal the republic for help. And then the ship above them gets blown to bits. With no other choice, they ride the debris back down to the ocean floor and split up to avoid being caught. And then their reinforcements finally arrive The Gungan army… Jar-Jar is in this but he’s barely used and that is okay with me. Of course, their upper hand doesn’t last long enough to do much. Riff Tamson employs a strategy to create giant whirlpools decimating the Gungan forces and capturing most of them.

Season 4 Episode 3

Clone Wars

With most of the Republic’s forces captured, Lee-Char and Ahsoka are put in a difficult position. As hopeless as their situation is, there’s still hope. Nossor Ri the leader of the Quarren has his doubts about the Separatists’ agenda. Lee-Char has taken notice of them too, he comes up with a plan to free to prisoners and bring the Quarren back to his side. And he does this by putting himself at risk. And his gamble pays off and he even gets to kill Riff.

Basic Character Analysis: Lee-Char

Lee-Char is a natural-born leader. He is put through a trial by fire in the worst possible way and survives and comes out it a strong leader. He’s determined to save his people and the Quarren. I’d say that is his biggest trait too.

Random Fun Fact: Lee-Char and Vader

Lee-Char is still king when the Empire came calling. He was in ledge with a Jedi and was preparing to fight back but, Vader and the Inquisitors show up. Lee-Char is forced into a corner by Tarken and Vader so I doubt we’ll see much of him in the future.

MVP: Lee-Char

Lee-Char becomes a competent leader in the course of a single battle that he survived even though it was his first time fighting. Oh and he killed the big bad of the arc in single combat.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

I mean it was the coolest thing Lee-Char did.


This water war was awesome. In some places it was way better than the original too. Anyway, until next time, Keep It Classy.

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