Clone Wars

Summer Of Star Wars | Ahsoka Hunted

Ahsoka’s been captured, oh no.

Clone Wars

This is another one of those arcs that gets me thinking why. Why are the Trandoshans this good at hunting Jedi? Why are the Trandoshans hunting Jedi? And Why haven’t we got a Trandoshan Jedi in a movie? Seriously, with their abilities a Jedi Trandoshan would be cool to watch.

New Faces


Clone Wars

A padawan that has survived in the hunting ground for some time. She’s smart enough to stay alive while avoiding the Trandoshan hunting parties.


Clone Wars

Another padawan survivor. Like the rest he’s managed to stay alive for Ahsoka to show up.


Clone Wars

The third padawan survivor. He like the others manages to survive the hunters leading up to Ahsoka’s arrival.


Clone Wars

Dar is one of the Trandoshan hunters and he’s the son of their leader. He doesn’t survive this.


Clone Wars

The hunter that catches Ahsoka he also doesn’t survive this.


Clone Wars

The big bad leader of the hunters. He seeks revenge after he’s son’s death but doesn’t survive to get it.


Season 3 Episode 21

Clone Wars

Ahsoka gets captured on a mission and gets dumped on a moon ran by a hunting guild. She manages to survive the initial drop and groups up with some other padawans that have been here for a while. These padawans have given up all hope of escape and have chosen to stay alive by running away from their attackers. But Ahsoka manages to convince them to fight back and they start doing just that. They manage to kill one of the hunters but they lose one of their own in the process.

Season 3 Episode 22

Clone Wars

A Wookiee gets dropped off and Ahsoka recruits him to her side. Chewbacca gets to work building a communications device. Under the cover of night they sneak into the wreck and get the parts they need to build the device and they manage to capture a hunter while doing that. With the transmitter complete the group decides it’d be best not to wait for help so they charge the hunter base instead and they win when help arrives.

Basic Character Analysis: Ahsoka Now

Ahsoka has come along ways since we first saw her. She’s a bit more careful than she used to be and she’s got experiences for the war. And here we get to see how far she’s come as a leader. The first time she lead troops she lost most of them but here she only loses one out of three. That’s a pretty big improvement.

Random Fun Fact: Wasskah

This moon was actually owned by Garnac’s hunting guild. No wonder no one ever came to rescue the other padawans.

MVP: Ahsoka

She managed to lead other padawans in an effort to escape and defeated the hunters in the process. If that doesn’t deserve MVP what does?

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

What can I say? Garnac went out in glorious fashion and he deserved every minute of it.


And there you have it. Overall fun arc showcasing Ahsoka’s growth so far. And soon we won’t be seeing her for awhile too. Anyway, until next time, Keep It Classy.

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