Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | A Great Escape

Where do we go from gods? How about the closest thing Star Wars has to the underworld?

Clone Wars

The Citadel is basically hell. It’s a place originally made by the Jedi to hold traitors of the order but when the Separatists took it they used it to hold Jedi they’ve captured and escaping is impossible without a rescue. And it’s where these episodes take place so get ready this is gonna be good.

New Faces

Wilhuff Tarkin

Clone Wars

Tarkin is in no way a new face but this is his first cannon appearance. Tarkin is shrewd and cold even at this young age how did the Jedi not figure out Palpatine was evil again?

Even Piell

Clone Wars

He’s a pretty cool Jedi master. He may have been captured but he’s still got some fight in him.

Osi Sobeck

Clone Wars

The warden of The Citadel. His pride and over confidence are what get him in the end.


Season 3 Episode 18

Clone Wars

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are tasked with infiltrating a maximum-security prison to save Master Piell before the Separatist can force the Nexus Route coordinates out of him. And they have to do this with limited information. And to make matter worse they have limited support to pull this mission off. They manage to sneak past the prison’s scanners by freezing themselves and having R2 and a squad of droids drive them in as supplies. Then they had to navigate the outer defenses and they did lose a few troopers doing that. In the end they found the captives and managed to escape into some old caverns but the escape attempt was far from over.

Season 3 Episode 19

Clone Wars

The rescue party attempts to meet up at the rendezvous to leave the planet, but as luck would have it that won’t be easy. The warden has sent hunting parties after them and the caverns are filled with magma. Making things worse he also set a trap for them so when they arrive at the landing pad things don’t go as planned. The ship gets blown up and they lose Echo in the process. This forces them to fall back and wait for a rescue that may never come.

Season 3 Episode 20

Clone Wars

With a new rendezvous set the group heads towards a lake. It doesn’t take long for the warden’s forces to bear down on them mortally wounding Piell in the attack. Piell entrust his half of the information to Ahsoka and the group limps to the lake proceeding with caution as they draw near to it. The do eventually get out but the big question of the day is was the information worth it?

Basic Character Analysis: Osi Sobeck

He is as ruthless as they come. He took over the Citadel with hopes of interrogating Jedi. He seems to love causing pain and also throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way that and his pride is what got kim killed, by a padawan nonetheless.

Random Fun Fact: The Citadel

The Citadel was used after the Clone Wars too, by a malfunctioning droid.

MVP: Ahsoka

Say what you like, Ahsoka carried her own weight and managed to kill the warden.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

This is a powerful scene. We’ve been with Echo since the beginning and seeing his helmet burnt is heartbreaking.


And that is all I have on these episodes. This is one of my favorites too, in fact I think from here on you’ll hear me say that a lot more. Season three and up the better arcs come in full force. Anyway, until next time, Keep It Classy.

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