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Summer of Star Wars | Nightsister Ventress

Get ready. This is gonna be good.

Clone Wars

The Countdown to Maul’s return starts now. But it will be a while before we see his return.

New Faces

Mother Talzin

Clone Wars

The leader of the Nightsisters of Dathomir. And she’s Darth Maul’s mother as well. She’s also on par with Sidious and can match him move for move if she has too.

Ny Narec

Clone Wars

Ventress’ former Jedi master. We only really get to see him here but he left an impression on her that sticks with her for the rest of her life.

Savage Opress

Clone Wars

Maul’s scary younger brother. This guy is in fact a force monstrosity a being amplified by the force to such an extreme that he can tank most blaster fire.


Clone Wars

Another of Maul’s brothers, sadly enough he doesn’t last that long.


Season 3 Episode 12

Clone Wars

Ventress had grown too powerful for Sidious’s taste. And you know what that means. Dooku is ordered to leave her for dead and Ventress will remember that. She promptly escapes to Dathomir the home of the coven she’s from. They recover her using their powers and Ventress vows to get revenge and Talzin is all too happy to help her get it. She sends several Nightsisters with Ventress all armed with Jedi lightsabers in an attempt to assassinate Dooku. The attempt fails but it leaves Dooku feeling, exposed.

Season 3 Episode 13

Clone Wars

With the Dooku assassination failed, Talzin directs Ventress to chose a male to give to Dooku as a new apprentice. She gets Savage and Talzin directs the others to perform a ritual to enhance him into a force monstrosity. And they deliver him to Dooku who sends him on a few missions and trains him how to use a lightsaber. And then he fails Dooku and the trap gets sprung.

Season 3 Episode 14

Clone Wars

Ventress gets her second chance at revenge and it ends badly. Savage turns against both of them, and he has every right too. Both of them were abusive towards him of course he’d snap with treatment like that. He runs back to Talzin and gets sent on a fetch quest to find Maul, who somehow survived being cut in halves. Meanwhile Ventress is back to the way she was before all of this, brused and defeated.

Basic Character Analysis: Ventress Now

Ventress has come a long way since this show began. Here we don’t see the egotistical dark sider from before. We see someone looking for place to belong and that says a lot about the uncertainty of her future. She’s lost and has no where to turn.

Random Fun Fact: Nightsister Legacy

There are two known survivors to date. Merrin who joins a Jedi and Jerserra who becomes a mercenary much like Ventress.

MVP: Ventress

Ventress is always fun to have around and this time this was her story.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

The assassination attempt is by far my favorite part of this arc. It only makes sense that I would grab a pic from it.


And there you have it. Ventress is no longer connected to the Separatists and Dooku is without an apprentice. Things are getting closer to the third movie with each episode and we are getting closer to the end. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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