Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Unsafe Negotiations

I’m starting to think that being a Jedi is safer than being a politician.

Clone Wars

Even with the Jedi off fighting a war, it seems it’s the politicians that have the tougher job. Unless, of course, you are the senate… God that line is too funny not to make fun of.

New Faces

Mina Bonteri

Clone Wars

A separatist senator and a friend to Padme. Her death is used to break up the peace talks in conjunction with a droid attack on the republic.

Lux Bonteri

Clone Wars

The first sign that Ahsoka is more like her master than we were shown. Lux seems to have a thing for her and she seems to reciprocate those feelings. That’s, of course, something a Jedi isn’t supposed to do. Don’t worry, I’ll have more on Lux later.

Chata Hyoki

Clone Wars

A bounty hunter from Manaan… That’s weird, given how his race is aquatic. We first saw this race in the Knights of The Old Republic game.

Halle Burtoni

Clone Wars

The Kaminoan representative to the Republic and she’s about as cold as you might expect. But she does hold her people’s interest in the highest regard.

Mee Deechi

Clone Wars

The Umbarian representative to the Republic. Not gonna lie, he’s a bit of a jerk. And when he’s with Burtoni it’s a match that just rubs me the wrong way.


Season 3 Episode 10

Clone Wars

Padme sets out to stop the war through peace talks and Ahsoka tags along as security. Ahsoka is the first one to actually show surprise about Padme having friends in the Separatists and keeps a rather abrasive attitude towards Padme’s friends because of it. Lux is the one to win her over but she kind of wins him over too. In the end, Count Dooku has other plans. He sends some droids to attack the Republic and kills Mina Bonteri, effectively ending the peace talks altogether.

Season 3 Episode 11

Clone Wars

Padme and her allies continue to push for peace despite the recent attack. And they seem to have a firm backing agasint the current refinancing bill too. Until senators start getting beat up. There’s a group of thugs actively beating up senators, trying to take out Padme’s support in the senate. It doesn’t work. Padme ends up swaying most of the Senate and puts a stop to Palpatine’s plan… for now.

Season 2 Episode 15

Clone Wars

The battle in the senate continues, we pick up with Padme’s group losing support and Onaconda’s death. Yeah, corrupt politicians don’t play. Padme set’s out to find the murderer and finds it was Onaconda’s aid. and to make matters worse the senate passes the bill she had been fighting against assuring the war will go on.

Basic Character Analysis: Lux Bonteri

Lux is a cool guy. He may be a Separatist but as this show has shown he’s not the enemy. His arc after his mother’s death is also intriguing. And we know her survives the empire so I wonder if him and Ahsoka ever really became a thing. Maybe we’ll see more of them in the Ahsoka series that’s coming out.

Random Fun Fact: Manaan

Manaan is an ocean world that was originally made for a video game. It was home to one of the coolest underwater segments I’ve ever seen and the planet has managed to remain in the cannon.

MVP: Padme

She remains the one constant voice of reason this entire time. And it helps that she takes center stage.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

There’s just something terrifying about droids that can transform into bombs.


Well there you have it. Overall fun arc despite it being mostly political in nature. Anyway, untill next time, Keep It Classy.

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