Clone Wars

Summer Of Star Wars | Politics and Death

Dangerous Politics? Whaaat?

Clone Wars

Not my favorite set of episodes but they aren’t bad. I do like how Padme got more to do besides politics.

New Faces

Korkie Kryze

Clone Wars

Satine’s nephew and a hero of this story. This guy would have a bright future if Maul and the Empire didn’t rise to beat Madalore down.


Clone Wars

One of Korkie’s classmates and plays a vital roll in uncovering the black market conspiracy.


Clone Wars

The best and brightest of all the cadets at the academy. She is also a pivotal figure in the black market take down.


Clone Wars

The hacker of the group. Her skills would prove invaluable in taking down the criminals behind the black market conspiracy.


Season 3 Episode 5

Clone Wars

Padme and Satine find out about some poisoned tea that is making people sick. They follow leads just to find out that someone has been paying for black market goods. This leads them all around Madalore until they get to the docks and the substantial storage area for the deadly tea. They manage to shut down one warehouse but there are more out there. Out of their league they call upon the Jedi to send one of their own to act as a spy.

Season 3 Episode 6

Clone Wars

Ahsoka is brought in to help with the investigation as well as teach some cadets at the academy. Her speech gets a few of them thinking of ways they can help and soon the cadets are in over their heads in the very conspiracy that Ahsoka had been sent to investigate. The cadets not knowing who to turn to eventually turn to Satine who warns them not to act hastily. The Cadets take this as she may be involved and end up talking to Almec who betrays them almost instantly. With no where else to turn they go to Ahsoka for help and they eventually arrest Almec for his crimes.

Season 3 Episode 7

Clone Wars

Ahsoka has visions of Aurra Sing killing Padme and sets out to make sure that won’t happen. Padme is supposed to talk at some event on Alderaan and the Separatist are no fans of hers. So hiring a supposedly dead bounty hunter to kill her makes sense. Ahsoka’s awakening to the whole vision thing doesn’t really help out as much as it sounds either. In fact, she gets it wrong and Padme gets shot because of it. Of course, she survives and they use it to their advantage. They use a body double to fake Aurra out while Ahsoka hunts her down. And they catch her… Nope, she’s much to smart for that. They do catch her but she get’s much to close to actaully finishing the job. Oh and the one behind the attempt is Ziro the Hutt.

Basic Character Analysis: Bail Organa

Bail is one of the oldest Rebels in this entire series. He fought tooth and nail agasint almost everyone of Palpatine’s plans some times without even knowing it. He’s got a strong sense of justice and has always provided humanitarian aid to the downtrodden whenever possible.

Random Fun Fact: Alderaan

We all know what happens to Alderaan in the original trilogy but most don’t know that this was one of the planets in the Galactic Core of the galaxy. The Core contained the more prosperous and safe planets so destroying it also cost the empire a great deal of resources.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Padme being herself ans out shooting baddies is always cool to watch.

MVP: Padme

She kept speaking even after being shot. Padme may be the toughest politician who isn’t a force user.


And those are my thoughts. To be honest these are not among my favorite episodes. But at least I don’t despise them like I do some of the others. Next week will be a little light. It seems most of the articles will be one or two episodes at maximum. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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