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Summer of Star Wars | Boba Fett Returns

Boba returns in this episode and oh boy is this one… a thing.

Clone Wars

Some might say young Boba isn’t much of a threat. But have you seen him wreck a star destroyer? Welp, you will now.

New Faces


Clone Wars

An admiral and one of the few people to survive the destruction that Boba causes.


Clone Wars

Weasel bounty hunter gets offed by one of his own.


Season 2 Episode 20

Clone Wars

Boba infiltrates Mace’s star destroyer in hopes of getting revenge on the man that killed his father. His first try is bombing the Jedi’s quarters and it doesn’t work so he escalates to destroying the entire star destroyer. That also doesn’t work but he took out an awful lot of clones and other Republic crew. With the ship crashing into a nearby planet and Mace’s survival assured, Boba is far from done here.

Season 2 Episode 21

Clone Wars

Using what crew survived as bait, Boba and the bounty hunters he’s with launch a trap for Mace and Anakin. It works and the two Jedi are trapped in the wreckage of the ship, leaving R2-D2 to save the day. Mace and Anakin come out of the ordeal mostly unscathed and Aurra Sing, the leader of the bounty hunters, puts one final plan into motion.

Season 2 Episode 22

Clone Wars

Under Aurra Sing’s guidance, the hunters use their captives to try and lure out Mace. But they get Ahsoka and Plo instead. She also makes the mistake of going to see Hondo who makes a point to stay out of the entire conflict. Everything comes to a head and Boba does the right thing and tells the Jedi where the hostages are. And in a final showdown with the Slave 1, Aurra Sing seemingly dies as the ship crashes and explodes. Spoiler alert; she lives.

Basic Character Analysis: Boba Fett

Boba is understandelbly upset about his father’s death. From his point of view, his father was sliced down in cold blood. Boba is trying to get revenge but some of the actions he takes disturb him. He doesn’t want to kill people who aren’t involved with Jango’s death. But his need for justice – or revenge in his case – drives him to become colder as he fails to get what he feels he deserves. And eventually he’ll be come the cold-blooded bounty hunter we all know. In fact, we see that happening later on in the show.

Random Fun Fact: Boba and Anakin

At some point, Lucas was thinking about making these two step brothers but he abandoned that idea. Also here’s an extra fun fact. Boba and Cad Bane were set to have a showdown at some point. Boba would even don his green armor for the first time. I would’ve loved to seem them go at it, but it was cut for some reason.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Is there anything that screams revenge story more? Jango’s helment being turned into a Bomb. It feels like Boba has some kind of poetic justice planned out. The head of his father will kill the Jedi that took it and all of that.

MVP: Boba Fett

I can’t really give this to anyone else. Boba was the present driving force for the entire arc and eventually was the reason we had a good ending here too.


Welp, that’s what I thought about this arc. Boba will be making a few more appearances, later on, but I believe this was the most extensive. Anyway, that’s all I have for you. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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