Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Lightsaber Lost

So if that weapon is her life, shouldn’t shouldn’t she be dead?

Clone Wars

This is pretty much a cooldown episode from the war. We get to know Ahsoka a little more but not much else. Aside from learning that lightsabers are valuable.

New Faces

Tera Sinube

Clone Wars

He’s my favorite part of this episode. He’s an old master that has adopted Yoda’s deceptive walking with a cane approach. Unlike Yoda though this guy always moves at a snail’s pace. But even at that pace he’s more than a match for pitty criminals.


Clone Wars

A pickpocket fast enough to steal from a Jedi. Also dumb enough to steal from a Jedi.

Ione Marcy

Clone Wars

One of the main criminals from this story. Oddly enough they’ve never named her race. I guess she’s just not that important.

Cassilyda Cryar

Clone Wars

A criminal with an insane jumping ability. She can jump as good as Jedi and that’s without using the force. I’d love to see some more of this race. What would one of these as a Jedi be able to do?


Season 2 Episode 11

Clone Wars

Well, this will be quick. On a mission to bring down an Arms dealer, Ahsoka has her lightsaber stolen and sold to an assassin. embarrassed she chooses not to get Anakin involved and instead finds Tera Sinube a Jedi master and expert in the criminal underground. With his help, they manage to find the assassin already dead. But they capture the killers after some chase shinanigans. And Ahsoka gets her lightsaber back.

Basic Character Analysis: Tera Sinube

This guy’s really old. He’s been around for awhile. He’s been on the council and has fought in quite a few battles. He also appears to be well respected even earning high praise from Jocasta.

Random Fun Fact: Tera Sinube and Cere Junda

Apparently, the two of them met during the events of the Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple comic line. Don’t you just love it when they tie in all elements of the current EU.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Tera Sinube literally beat someone with his walking stick. What’s not to like?

MVP: Tera Sinube

He did catch the last criminal even though he’s so slow.


And there ya go. This wasn’t as long as the others but it’s also only one episode. But rest assured there will be some bigger arcs coming up. Anyway, until next time, Keep It Classy.

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