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Rila: Hihi, everyone! And welcome to the first edition of Bulletoon Extra!
Riley: It’s our brand new written series where we’ll be talking about stuff that we would normally cover on the show, but decided not to. Maybe it’s just kinda silly, maybe it’s not something we aren’t totally confident enough in to do a full episode, or maybe it’s just… short. Whatever the case, if you want your weekly dose of Bulletoon, even outside of the show, we’ve gotcha covered.
Rila: And for our first order of business, we’re going to talk about the latest Trigger darling, BNA!
Rori: Ooh! I loved that one! Let’s get started!
Rila: Okay!
Riley: Sure thi- waaait…
Rila: Hm? What’s the matter, Riley?
Rori: Yeah, what’s up?
Riley: Wha-?! Don’t you “What’s up?” me! Rori! What the hell’re you doing here?!
Rori: Oh that! I said it already, right? I wanna talk about BNA!
Riley: Then talk about it with Rila later! This ain’t your gig! Out!
Rori: Oh my, oh my. I had no idea you were so defensive, Riley. You’re afraid I’m going to take your spot away from you, right?
Riley: You-! Like hell am I afraid of that!
Rori: How cute, wanting to stay beside your sister like that. I don’t blame you though. She’s totally adorable, right?
Rila: Aww! Riley, is that true?
Riley: What?! That’s not-! Ergh, fine! Whatever! She can stick around for now, but don’t make a habit of it!
Rori: Ahaha! I proooomiiise!
Riley: Oi. I can see you crossing your fingers behind your back.
Rori: No you can’t.
Riley: So BNA is a seriously fun – if imperfect – commentary on racism. Everything from the more overt, classic displays of intolerance through hate crimes-
Rila: To systemic racism and the problems it creates.
Rori: For sure, for sure! But there’s actually one thing the series hits on that I really think a lot of people pretty much totally overlooked! In Episode 4, Michiru’s finally able to turn human again and go back to the mainland using the help of a Dolphin Beastman… girl… person named Nina, who always wanted to go anyway. But they get found out when the latter transforms in front of a whole party of people. But it’s all good! They don’t seem to mind at all! In fact, they’re totally cool with her!

Riley: Oh, I get it. Yeah. Later they threw her in a saltwater tank or something, right? Bullying the poor kid after all she did was-
Rori: Bzzt! Completely wrong!
Riley: What!?
Rila: Ooh! I know, I know! They actually weren’t trying to bully her at all!
Riley: What are you-?! She could’ve drowned!
Rila: Totally! And that was super scary! Luckily, Super Michiru to the rescue!
Rori: Ya just gotta look at how they handle the whole thing. None of them try to stop Michiru from getting her out or anything. They don’t even look like they know what they did wrong. They weren’t trying to lure her into a false sense of security. They were genuinely claiming to be allies of the beastmen without knowing the first thing about them or what they were struggling with. And why would someone do that, I wonder?
Riley: The Woke Olympics.
Rori: Exact-o!
Riley: So that’s it. Basically the equivalent of clout-chasing. People trying to seem socially conscious and pretending to actually care about these issues as a way to gain points with people for social notoriety. Pandering for recognition, in other words. Yeah, that makes sense. And with that context in mind, the scene does a pretty great job of showing how that exact thing can be pretty harmful. Any true ally is someone who studies to understand those they’re allying with. Hell, that’s part of the whole theme of the show – overcoming prejudice through mutual understanding, communication, and learning about one another.
Rori: Yaaay! Good for you, Riley! You got it! Here’s a cookie!
Riley: Look here, ya little-
Rori: Kiddiiing! You’re so serious! But you’re totally right! Anyone claiming to be an ally without doing the homework could actually wind up doing more harm than good to the people they’re supposedly allies to and the causes they claim to support.
Riley: Yeah, I can see that.
Rori: Glad I could enlighten you!
Riley: Tch. Whatever.
Rila: And that’s all we wanted to talk about today! Just the one scene!
Riley: See? Short. But if you want us-
Rori: Hmmmmm?
Rori: Ahaha. What terrible manners.
Riley: -To talk more about BNA, let us know and we’ll try to do an episode on it, sometime! As for now, what’d you guys think of this new format? Leave a comment, down below!
Rila: Ehehe. They’re such good friends. Anyway, share this post around and why not give the site a follow, while you’re at it! We really appreciate how much the channel’s starting to grow, so let’s spread a little of that over here!
Riley: This has been a Bulletoon Extra!
Rila: I’m Rila, signing off!
Riley: I’m Riley, bowin’ out!
Rori: Ooh! Can I say it with you?!
Rila: Yeah, sure!
Riley: *sigh* Fine, fine… But don’t get used to it, got that?!
Rori: No promises‚ô™
Riley: Tch…
Rila: Thanks for reading!
Riley: Keep up the Awesome! And-

R+R+R: Stay Toon’d!

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