Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | It’s Kaiju Time

Giant monster vs The Republic. Battle Start!

Clone Wars

Okay, let me be absolutely clear. I love the old Godzilla movies and these two episodes tickle that fanboy in me. So I might geek out a little here. You have been warned.

New Faces

Sionver Boll

Clone Wars

She’s a scientist caught in a really bad situation. She rather not kill the Zillo Beast but if she doesn’t she wont have a lively hood.

Nakha Urus

Clone Wars

He’s just afraid that the beast will kill his people. After all they’re supposed to be dead.

The Zillo Beast

Clone Wars

Woke up and an entire planet wanted it did. I’d be a little grumpy too if someone blew up my home to wake me up. The Zillo Beast is an innocent being that just happened to live at a time that everyone wanted it dead except for Mace and Sionver Boll. Unfortunately, clearer heads did not prevail.


Season 2 Episode 18

Clone Wars

This episodes starts off with the republic testing it’s own super weapon. A bomb that will only destroy droids. But as expected with a Republic super weapon it has an unexpected effect. It releases a long dormant threat, The Zillo Beast. Waking up after having it’s home destroyed it’s understandably on the wrong side of the bed. But the Republic has to fix it’s mistake so they set out to defeat the beast. But upon learning of it’s defensive capabilities Palpatine decides he wants it alive instead. And the Republic barely managed to do that. And they take the beast to Coruscant for further study… Sheev you’re an idiot.

Season 2 Episode 19

Clone Wars

So this episode is basically a rehash of King Kong complete with the beast being killed by airships. I mean they didn’t even try to hide it so I won’t either. The thing that makes it a little bit different is The beast’s obsession with Sheev. From the moment it sees him it’s out to kill him. It knows who the bad guy of this story is and it’s out to get him. It’s kind of sad that the Zillo Beast almost saved the galaxy from the rule of The Galatic Empire and nobody even knew.

Basic Character Analysis: Sionver Boll

She really does want to do the right thing. But if she makes Sheev mad she won’t be getting work from anyone. Is she could she would’ve saved the beast. I think Sheev gave her the whole cloning thing to stay on her good side though.

Random Fun Fact: Kylo Ren and a Zillo Beast

I didn’t even know this before looking it up. But Kylo Ren killed a Zillo Beast on another planet and gained the loyalty of a tribe that worshiped it. I guess the good news is there might still be more Zillo Beast out there.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Just look at the hatred it has for Sheev. You seen it burning in it’s eye.

MVP: The Zillo Beast

I mean we won’t ever see it again but it did come close to saving the galaxy and everything in these two episodes where about it.


Ah, I love Kaiju. I wish there was a streaming service that had all the Godzilla movies, but I have a filling covering those would be more of a chore than this is. Anyway, that’s everything for today. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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