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Summer of Star Wars | The Blue Shadow Virus

Aren’t biological weapons the best? I’m sure there’s a reason why this sort of thing only happened once.

Clone Wars

So yeah this part of the show kind of went off the rails in a lot of ways. Jar-Jar is here and we have a mad scientist that the Separatist have contracted to unleash a long dead virus back to the galaxy. Yeah, that won’t ruin a plan to rule the galaxy…

New Faces

Peppi Bow

Clone Wars

Peppi is the one character that gets to beat up Jar-Jar and I love her because of that. We only know she’s a farmer of sorts and that she’s good at hitting Jar-Jar with a stick.

Dr. Nuvo Vindi

Clone Wars

This guy is a classic evil mad scientist complete with the German accent. His as cliche as they come and I don’t hate that about him.

Jaybo Hood

Clone Wars

Young Anakin without force powers. He’s god at hacking into salvaging droids and if got more of him it would be cool but we don’t.


Season 1 Episode 17

Clone Wars

A random droid patrol is found on Naboo and it’s soon discovered that there is a secret lab run by Dr. Vindi recreating the Blue Shadow Virus. Padme has Anakin and Obi-Wan called in only for her to get captured while looking for the lab. It’s not long before Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan storm the place and free her capturing Vindi in the process of securing the lab. Everything goes exactly as planned… Until the next episode.

Season 1 Episode 18

Clone Wars

Surprise one of the droids breaks open a vial contaminating the entire lab. Now it’s up to Anakin and Obi-Wan to find what they need to make the cure before time runs out. They travel to the Separatist world of Iego. There they meet Jaybo and he helps them find what they’re after but also tells them they can’t leave due to a curse. They soon discover that the curse is nothing more than a trap set by the Separatist before they abadoned the planet and are able to shut it down an return to Naboo in time to save Ahsoka and Padme.

Basic Character Analysis: Dr. Vindi

Okay Vindi is a psychopath. He views the original eradication of the virus as a murder and seems to have a sense of justification for releasing it back into the galaxy. I’m not sure how he even got Dooku to agree to this idea in the first place and apparently they couldn’t find another way to use him since he’s never seen again in this show.

Random Fun Fact: The Angels

The Diathim, also known as Angels have been mentioned before this show. The first mention of them was actually made by young Anakin when he was hitting on Padme when they first met. I think it’s sad that out first time seeing one of them is also the last, and with us onlty seeing one the implications aren’t good.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

I know it’s a death trap going off but it looks like constellations from the planet’s surface and it’s kind of pretty to be honest.

MVP: Obi-Wan

Obi gets it this time for sure. Ahsoka did her part in keeping the virus from spreading but if Obi-Wan didn’t always act as a voice of reason Ahsoka and Padme would be dead.


And there you have it, my opinion of these episodes. I’ve got mixed feelings with these two. Jar-Jar dooming Padme makes me want to see him dead even more. It’s enjoyable over all but it would’ve been better without Jar-Jar. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this next time we get one of my favorite arcs from the first season, so look forward to that. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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