Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Land feud in Space

This is a single episode arc, but it sure sets up an interesting character.

Clone Wars

This has a lot in common with what America did to the Native Americans in general. Fortunately, this one has a much happier ending. It’s more like how it should’ve went.

New Faces

Senator Riyo Chuchi

Clone Wars

A fresh new face and a voice of reason during the entire episode. She’s also a face we will see a lot of coming up.

Chairman Chi Cho

Clone Wars

I good look at what America’s actions to the Native Americans looks like as a person. He’s an idiot to put it lightly. He want’s nothing less than to destroy the invading Talz even though his people are the invaders.

The Talz

Clone Wars

A really cool looking alien race that has been around since the first movie. But this is the first and only look into their culture that we’ve gotten so far. They appear tribe-like and have some sort of code they seem to follow. There a cool race even when we can’t understand them.


Season 1, Episode 15

Clone Wars

Our story begins with Obi-Wan and Rex investigating a republic outpost only to find that all of the clones have been killed. This of course leads them to investigate a separatist base only to find it in the same condition. This leads them to believe that a third party is involved and a holorecording proves that they were attacked by an unknown alien creature. Anakin and Obi-Wan decide to follow what little clues they have and end up finding a Talz village. There they learn the story of what happened the droids attacked the Talz and the clones git in the way of the retaliatory attack. Chi Cho refuses to accept that story as truth and he goes and starts another war… He also finds a way to politicly tie the Jedi’s hands. Fortunately one of the first death’s in the war is Chi Cho himself. This opens the door for Riyo Chuchi to make peace with the Talz.

Basic Character Analysis: Riyo Chuchi

Oh my god does Riyo Chuchi have guts. She stands up to an alien race that had just killed someone in front of her and asks for peace. Also being a voice of reason before the war went down shows that she has wisdom beyond her years. And we’ll get to see plenty more of her bravery later on.

Random Fun Fact: Talz Appearances.

The Talz are not space-faring yet. But some time after the Clones Wars they make appearances throughout the know galaxy one even appears in A New Hope.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

This is a powerful scene. I couldn’t help but to grab a shot from it.

MVP: Riyo Chuchi

She’s a senator and she actually gets her hands dirty stopping a war in the process. You can’t say that about every Senator in the Republic.


And there you have it, my thoughts on this episode. This is one of my absolute favorite stories in all of the Clone Wars. And none of it feels forced. Anyway enough of me harping on one of my favorites. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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