Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | The Idiot and The Monster’s Lair

Oh, great. I got one of these episodes, this time… Well, let’s get this over with.

Clone Wars

So if you didn’t know, Jar Jar got a few episodes in The Clone Wars. I only like one of them. Bombad Jedi is one of the ones I absolutely despise and it’s the first one on the episode list today. I’ll try not to rant but I make no promises.

New Faces

Onaconda Farr

Clone Wars

Onaconda is another leader caught in a bad position. He sides with the Separatist out of fear and regrets it almost immediately. Padme calls him Uncle Ono.

Faro Argyus

Clone Wars

A senate commando who betrays the Republic to save Nute Gunray from going to trial. He also dies in his first episode.

Commander Gree

Clone Wars

Gree lasts for a long time during the Clone Wars. I didn’t even remember him but he’s one of the clones that Yoda kills on Kashyk.

Nahdar Vebb

Clone Wars

Kit Fisto’s former apprentice. Nahdar is a brash young Jedi who seems to lean towards the dark side. He get butchered by Grievous after foolishly challenging him to a duel.


Season 1 Episode 8

Clone Wars

Okay, here we go. This one starts off with Padme bringing Jar Jar on a diplomatic mission, for some reason. She has an urgent mission on Rodia to help convince them to not go to the Separatist for help. She finds out the hard way that Onaconda has already done just that. This leaves her rescue up to Jar Jar… He get’s mistaken for a Jedi and somehow lives through the experience to save the day. Oh, and thanks to his antics they capture the Viceroy. So yay, I guess.

Season 1 Episode 9

Clone Wars

With the joke episode out of the way, we get into the meat of this ark. Dooku doesn’t want the Viceroy to stay captured. So he sends Ventress to get him back. But she isn’t alone. She’s got the help of a defecting senate guard who just so happens to be on the ship taking the Viceroy to court. Unfortunately for her, Ahsoka and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli are along for the ride. After some tricky maneuvering and blowing up parts of the ship, Ventress escapes with her prize. But the Viceroy isn’t out of trouble yet.

Season 1 Episode 10

Clone Wars

Tracking the ship stolen in the Viceroy’s escape, Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his former apprentice Nahdar arrive on a planet with a hidden fortress. They soon find out that the signal is bait for a trap but they aren’t the ones it’s for. Grievous arrives back home to find all of his fortresses defenses are down and he’s soon surrounded by uninvited guests. You see Dooku isn’t happy with him at the moment and is using the whole situation to force Grievous to give him better results. It works but Fisto manages to survive.

Basic Character Analysis: Jar Jar Binks

I hate myself. Jar Jar is an absolute idiot with the Devil’s own luck. He could crash a spaceship into a sun and still somehow survive. He doesn’t do anything on purpose and it pisses me off that they even gave him screen time in this arc, at all. There, that’s all the rage you’ll get out of me.

Voyager: Ahaha, that wasn’t character analysis at aaaall! You totally just wanted to vent.

Random Fun Fact: Mirialans

The Mirialans have always fascinated me. The tattoos on their faces represent personal achievements they’ve had in their lives. And an extra fun fact, Mirialan Jedi could only train other Mirialans.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

This entire fight was a pretty good highlight to this arc. Not only did we get to see that Ventress has grown enough to take on a master we got to see that Ahsoka has also improved.

MVP: Grievous

For crying out loud, in that last episode, he was the main character. He got put in an almost impossible situation and survived even with his boss actively sabotaging him.


This is one of my favorite arcs, even with the one episode I despise. The last two episodes more than make up for that first part. Anyway, This was a thing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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