Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Duel of The Droids

Is this Star War’s version of Battle Bots?

Clone Wars

This time we steer away from the clones as R2-D2 gets his own arc. Well, sort of anyway.

New Faces

R3-S6 (Goldie)

Clone Wars

A spy droid for the Separatist. Who could blame him though? Anakin is a jerk to Goldie from the start. Ahsoka was nice to it but it was supposed to be Anakin’s new droid. Just kidding, this thing was programmed to be evil and it didn’t fight it.

Gha Nachkt

Clone Wars

This guy is a bit of a weasel. He’s working for the Separatist for the sole purpose of making money off of the war. I suppose he’s not a terrible person though. At this point in the war, they are the winning side. And the only reason we see him as bad is that he stole R2-D2 from Anakin’s wrecked ship.


Clone Wars

A regular clone that somehow survives Grievous. That alone is a feat worth mention, he also last for a bit longer in this war.


Season 1 Episode 6

Clone Wars

Grievous has been causing chaos for the Republic and Anakin has gotten sick of it. He stages a trap luring him into an asteroid belt. The trap works most in part due to a brilliant maneuver by Anakin. He ordered his walkers onto the asteroids themselves allowing him to hit the Separatist from two sides at once. Grievous knowing when to quit tries to flee and Anakin gives chase leading to him losing his ship and R2-D2 in the process. Anakin returns to the battle field to salvage his ship but R2-D2 is missing. This is when he meets Gha. Anakin and Ahsoka search Gah’s ship and find nothing. this means Anakin for the time being is forced to work with R3-S6. And leads R3 to try and kill him.

Season 1 Episode 7

Clone Wars

R2 manages to signal Anakin with the location of a listening outpost. Which is what they were trying to find all this time. With two targets on one planet, Anakin decides against orders to rescue R2 and destroy the outpost in one fell swoop. The rescue mission succeeds but R3 is destroyed by R2 in the process.

Basic Character Analysis: R2-D2

Okay, I had to talk about the little blue droid at some point, it might as well be now. R2 is no longer a slave to programing by this point of the Clone Wars. This is in part due to Anakin allowing him to retain his memories of the missions they’ve been on together. R2 ha never stopped learning since we first saw him in The Phantom Menace. Just think about that for a minute. He’s the only droid that never gets his memory wiped that we know of. And that is what makes him so special. He’s been allowed to become something other than just another droid.

Random Fun Fact: IG-100 Magna Guard

Aside from being art of the IG series of droids you know some of the most notorious in the galaxy. The Magna Guard could off Jedi rather easily and they were used a lot in the Clone Wars. But did you know that even Luke had to fight a few of them? Yup they are still around during the Empire’s reign.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

It’s of a silly strategy that worked. What’s not to like?

MVP: R2-D2

Say what you want about R2-D2 but this entire arc wouldn’t have turned out good if R2 was a normal droid.


These episodes are fun to watch. I wouldn’t say they’re even close to the best of this show has to offer. Anyway, this was fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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