Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Oh How the Dominos Fall

Hey, look it’s Domino Squad! Oh wait, that means… Oh no.

Clone Wars

In case it isn’t clear I kind of hate this episode. It’s not a bad episode but well you’ll see.

New Faces

No new faces that matter this time. The new guys we get here might as well be red shirts. And I’m talking worse the Master Di and his clone commander.


Season 1 Episode 5

Clone Wars

Good ol Domino Squad is stationed at a listening post tasked with the job of protecting their homeworld. Hevy, finds the job boring and wants to see some real action. You know that old saying be careful what you wish for? Well, the station soon comes under attack by Commando Droids. They instantly off the commander of the base and poor Droidbait. The rest flee down some vents and make it outside. But then poor Cutup to become lunch for a giant worm thing. But as luck would have it Commander Cody and Captain Rex show up for an inspection and quickly find out that droids have taken over. They end up meeting up with the survivors of Domino Squad and they come up with a plan to let the Republic know something’s wrong. They set out to destroy the listening post. The plan works but Hevy has to sacrifice himself to do it. That leaves Echo and Fives to be inducted into Anakin’s 501st.

Basic Character Analysis: Commander Cody & Captain Rex

Clone Wars

We see a lot of personality from these two in this episode. Their brotherly bound is on full display here Cody jokingly handing over the mission to Rex. As well as freaking out when Rex shoots a disguised droid. Every thing they do together makes them feel like brothers. It’s there with the other clones too but these two showcase it a lot more. And honestly these two don’t change all that much during this series.

Random Fun Fact: Commando Droids

Commando Droids don’t get put out of service after the Clones Wars. Vader uses some in the EU and he apparently has a pretty good amount of them. Also, I believe these droids were made in response to the Clone Commandos. We will get to them much later one in this thing.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

This scene in general I found funny. Rex reveres the trick the Commandos used to take the out post and even though he’s using a deactivated head the dumb droids buy it. Also, the fact that Cody said it’ll never work somehow makes it funnier.

MVP: Hevy

What can really be said here? He got the action he wanted and managed to save his home world. Pretty sure the dude just got put on a wall somewhere.


Clone Wars

I hate this episode because of the Domino deaths. They aren’t cheap deaths but I wish we got to spend more than two episodes with them. It’s just a minor gripe for an otherwise great episode. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my despair. I’m going to go cry in some milk or something. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

2 thoughts on “Summer of Star Wars | Oh How the Dominos Fall

  1. Wooderon

    This episode was the one that made me realise that Cody and Rex are just clone analogues of Obi Wan and Anakin, at least in terms of their personalities and approach to danger situations. Although I feel the clones get along a lot better than the Jedi do.

    1. EvilBob

      Hm, I’ve never even thought about that. Yeah, you’re right. One of them is even more reckless than the other too.


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