Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Aggressive Feels Negotiations

The feels are everywhere.

Clone Wars

This is one of my favorite episode combos. One of them hits you hard in the feels with a somber ending and the other one is just nuts.

New Faces

Captain Keeli

Clone Wars

Keeli is one heck of a soldier. He knows how bad things are but he doesn’t back down even though he knows what the outcome might be.

Jedi Master Di

Clone Wars

I wish we got more of this guy. His willingness to save lives is commendable. I might even go as far as to say he’s a perfect example of a Jedi, philosophy-wise anyway.

Cham Syndulla

Clone Wars

To me, Cham comes off as somewhat unlikable. But It’s easy to see where he’s coming from. He’s fighting to save his home and his so-called allies have their hands tied after promising to reinforce him. He is a good leader but he’s a little slow to trust people.

King Katuunko

Clone Wars

I never thought I would like the Toydarians but Katuunko is pretty awesome. If it wasn’t for him Ryloth would never have gotten any supplies. Also, he seems to be rather chill even when Ventress has lightsabers pointed at him.


Season 3 Episode 3

Clone Wars

The Separatists have attacked and blockaded Ryloth, cutting off the supplies for the Republic troops and citizens of the planet. The dwindling defenders have one chance for victory and Senator Bail Organa and (sigh…) Jar-Jar have been dispatched to handle the politics of the situation. Their negotiations only partially succeed. King Katuunko can’t turn a blind eye while people suffer. He allows supplies to be sent but only what they brought with them. His hands are tied because of the deal they have with the Trade Federation. Unfortunately, the supplies don’t get there fast enough to save the Republic troops. The battle ends in a loss for the Republic. They lose all of their troops on the surface including Di. The Twi’leks do survive though.

Season 1 Episode 1

Clone Wars

King Katuunko and his people have chosen to enter the war in an official capacity. I’m guessing what happened to Ryloth has convinced them that they won’t be safe for much longer. Dooku catches wind of the secret meeting meant to bring the Toydarians into the republic and has Ventress present a counter offer. Her job is to defeat Jedi Master Yoda… HA. Good luck, there, Vennie. Not even Dooku could beat Yoda. As you can imagine, Yoda wins… rather easily. And his victory gains the Republic a new ally.

Basic Character Analysis: Yoda

Master Yoda has been an enigma of sorts since we first met him in Empire Strikes Back. In that movie, he came across as a tad silly because of the way he talked but also a wise and strict teacher to Luke. He’s still very much that in this series but he’s got a playful side to him and it shows in the way he talks to others. He’s even kind to the clones under him and seems to be playing with the droids as he effortlessly cuts them down. I’d bet money that young Yoda was the trickster type.

Random Fun Fact: Toydaria

Toydaria is located in the Mid Rim inside of Hut controlled space. And they seem to have no trouble with them throughout this entire series. This next part is not fact. I’m of the opinion that the Hutts might have a working relationship with the Toydarian leadership.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

This one scene is my favorite. Yoda talking to his clones as if they matter. Yoda sees them as living beings not weapons for war. It’s a touching moment that just adds to how awesome Yoda really is.

MVP: Yoda

Clone Wars

I might be biased with this one. Yoda made his episode and seeing him interact with the clones as if they are actual people gave me a greater fondness for the old master.


We got some awesome moments from these episodes. From Di’s last stand to Yoda trolling battle droids, there where fun times and sad ones to be had. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my take on these episodes. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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