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Summer of Star Wars | Clone Cadets

A day in the life of Clone Cadets.

Clone Wars

I may have gotten a little crazy with pictures last time. I’ll try to not do that from now on. Also, I basically covered five episodes last time so yeah, just one this time.

New Faces

Domino Squad

Clone Wars

Cutup is the funnyman of Domino Squad, he doesn’t seem to take anything seriously but we all know it’s an act.

Echo is the parrot of Domino Squad. If there’s an order he can repeat he’ll do it every time.

Heavy is the meathead of Domino Squad. He thinks he’s a one-man army, he’s wrong.

Fives is done with all this crap. He knows this team won’t be able to complete their training due to their lack of teamwork and he wants out. Too bad for him his superiors know that’s part of the problem.

Droidbait is… What did this guy do again? Seriously, I forgot he was apart of this squad. Oh that’s right he’s the resident redshirt.


Clone Wars

He’s an old friend to the Domino Squad. He’s a bad batch a clone with defects that make him unable to fight, for now.


Clone Wars

A bounty hunter in charge of training Domino Squad. He’s pretty much given up all hope that they’ll succeed.


Clone Wars

Another bounty hunter in charge of training Domino Squad. Unlike Bric, he’s hopeful that Domino Squad will succeed.

Shaak Ti

Clone Wars

The Jedi Master overseeing the production and training of clones. She’s a fair judge of the clone’s abilities and she has faith that Domino Squad can become true soldiers.


Season 3, Episode 1

This is pretty much a straightforward underdog story. It starts off with Domino Squad failing a practice test miserably. Mind you, they’re good at what they do. It’s just that the teamwork part seems to be a problem for them. Well, they find out that if they don’t shape up, they’ll be labeled as maintenance clones with 99, who’s a failed clone as I said before. It takes awhile but Heavy ends up leading the team to victory after they’re given a second chance at their final exam.

Basic Character Analysis: Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti is one of my favorite Jedi. She’s kind, reserved, and powerful. She’s very different from Obi-Wan and Anakin is her complete opposite. And if you played The Force Unleashed you know how serious she can get when threatened. Even if that is no longer cannon she still seems to have the same energy about her. She’s the one Jedi master that embodies the Jedi code perfectly.

Random Funfact: Shaak Ti’s Many Deaths

When it comes to deaths, Shaak Ti has three different ones, all unique and unfortunate. The first one the list would be her being killed by Grievous in a deleted scene for Revenge of The Sith. It’s probably the worst way to kill her given how powerful she is. The second death, of course, is the from The Force Unleashed. It’s my favorite one because she goes down swinging and it’s a cinematic fight. And then we come to the Cannon death… She gets stabbed in the back by Vader while meditating in the temple. That’s worse than the first one in my opinion. (Voyager: ahem…) …Okay. 4 deaths. In the first Lego Star Wars game, she’s talking to you on a Holo when Anakain hacks her to bits.

Favorite Screenshot

After fighting so hard, they finally made it to the top and they showed more ingenuity than any other team while doing it. Now that’s what I call a win.

MVP: Domino Squad

I mean, the entire episode was centered on them. Is it really a surprise that they got this?


This one episode is actually super important. Domino Squad has surviving members all the way to the final season. It’s an amazing journey to see how far they get in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed reading this. What was the next one? Oh, goody the next one is pretty fun. Until next time Keep It Classy.

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