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With Burning Sky Prelude now complete, here’s an assembled list of every chapter!

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Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 1

Ike – a relatively new knight in the Templar Oder – dreams of becoming a Great Knight like his childhood hero. But how can he realize those dreams when he’s constantly given jobs like… like this?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 2

Tales from the Uprising tell of a mighty Templar who would go on to become a legendary hero. But how, exactly, did the greatest Templar to ever live become… Unstoppable?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 3

Itou Iri is beautiful, intelligent, uncannily charming… and a Djinn. A Djinn looking to raise her kid sister. But how does one live in a world that seems so firmly slanted against your kind? What about living in a place where no one has an advantage? A place like Nazir – land of cutthroats, thieves, and liars?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 4

If Ike wants to be a Great Knight, he’ll have to prove that he’s capable. But will he be able to do that when trouble arises during a local festival? Or will he choke under the pressure?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 5

Baldrik the Unstoppable may be a legendary hero among the Templars, but one detail of his story always has managed to elude the masses. Just why was he in the position that led to his title to begin with?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 6

The time has come for Iri’s trip to a hostile land. But when she considers who she’s forced to make that trip with, will she even arrive safely?

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 7

After Ike’s previous failure, will he be able to bounce back? That Faye girl certainly seemed to think so. And he’d better hope he can, lest circumstances arise that force him to. Such circumstances are rarely pleasant. And in this world, they can be downright… hellish.

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 8

The time has come for Baldrik to depart. But will quiet little Aimsbrusch be all right without him to protect it? Will it go back to being the prey of every bandit and brigand that rolls through? There’s a certain barkeep who might have something to say about that.

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 9

Iri makes land in unfriendly territory after making a shocking discovery out at sea. Now the question is… what’s her plan to deal with the situation? Why, negotiation. Of the hostile variety, of course.

Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter Epilogue

And now it all comes together. Where do Ike, Baldrik, and Iri stand after recent events? And more importantly, what will the events of Burning Sky Prelude set in motion? What is this a prelude to?

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