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For thousands of years I have lain dormant…

And now I’m baaaack. Ahaha! Hey, guys! How’s it goin’?! I’ve been away for a while, kinda, huh? Yeah, I know I’ve technically been making a post, here or there, but it’s pretty much all been Burning Sky and Bulletoon with me, yeah? I haven’t really talked about this past anime season at all! I originally planned to do that on my personal blog – ahem – but I decided that would kinda defeat the purpose of taking a break! Whoops! But Spring is over and now so’s my little hiatus! Hooraaaaay! So! Now that I’m back, what better time could there be to go over things? What are we plotting and scheming, around here? What new ways have we crafted to keep ourselves busy? Well, I’m glad you asked! Bring on the Headings!

Burning Sky – [ALMOST THERE!]

Let’s start by talking about the thing that’s been keeping me the most busy! Busiest? Whatever! It’s, of course, our personal OELN (Original English Light Novel), Burning Sky. We’re nearing the official start of the project! Not long ago, we published Chapter 9 of the prologue book, Burning Sky Prelude. It’s actually my personal favorite chapter of the book. Check it out HERE if ya haven’t already! The Writers’ Room on it was super fun too! But that’s not really the point. The point is that there’s only one more chapter to upload before the book is done-zo, and it’s going live this weekend! This is super exciting! Because that means we’ll officially be free to start gearing up for the main series! Since we’re no longer doing to subscription method and making it perfectly free, everyone’ll have just a little while to wait before they can feel free to jump into any of the NINE series we’re currently working on within the Burning Sky world! We’ll get into the details of how we’ll be releasing them as that time draws nearer, but it’ll definitely be a little different from how we’ve been handling things, so far. I’ll keep you posted!

With all that said, we’re going to be moving most behind-the-scenes and production-type stuff over to my personal blog- Ahem. We just want to keep the site focus on the actual main content. I’ll personally be posting updates about the production of the series, going forward. Including artwork! It’ll also take a little while after the series begins proper, but we’re going to also be publishing short fictions in the Burning Sky world again! So look forward to that!

I can’t give you an exact estimate on when the project will launch. Conservatively, I’d like to say it’ll be some time in the winter. It’d have been earlier, but the virus kinda screwed up everything by knocking me out of work for several months. So we haven’t actually been able to work on getting any artwork done, this whole time. However! That’s going to be getting fixed, pretty soon! So I’ll absolutely keep you all updated to the best of my ability! Happy reading!

Bulletoon – [SEASON 5]

Let’s talk about Bulletoon. God I love making this show. It’s just such a joy to produce, now that it’s transitioned into anime essays. And people seem to be enjoying it! That said, I’m liking the 8-Episode season format it’s got going, with episodes every other week and a teaser in between. It gives me a nice amount of time to work on everything. That being said, I’ve already got some plans on what to do with Season 5! When this season ends, I’ll do my usual new-season teaser, revealing 4 of the anime coming to the show out of the next 8 episodes! Oh! But are there any anime you’d like us to cover on the show? Let me know and I’ll see about it! The barrier isn’t particularly dense. The show generally steers clear of ecchi and gore, though, given the audience. Kids watch it. You get the idea.

And now for a big ol’

I can’t always guarantee an anime will be featured on the show because my liking said anime is a major factor, these days. Bulletoon is, more and more, becoming a celebration of things – anime, movies, games, etc. – that I enjoy, not so much a condemnation of things I don’t, y’know? Which is why I don’t talk about certain anime we all know I dislike! So, yeah… don’t be too upset if I say no! Pls?

Anime Coverage – [MASSIVE UPDATES]

Here comes the big’un! We’re not doing Seasonal coverage anymore! Well… that’s not entirely accurate. Once we get back to normal with looots of anime coming out, we’ll probably do another TKO because they’re fun to make. But for the foreseeable future, we’re gonna be doing something different! So let’s talk about those plans! First of all, remember Flash Anime-tion? Yeah, I’m kinda bringing that back! Originally, it was my format for full-series anime reviews. But nooow I’m gonna do something a little different. I’ve wanted to integrate Bulletoon into the rest of the site a liiittle more. So here go the plans in a neat little bullet list! (Ha)

  • Flash Anime-tion – Like I said, I’ll be bringing this back! A new full-series (well… one to two cours, anyway) anime review, every other week! By yours truly! They’re not going to be full dives or anything, but just general reviews of the series in question, leaving enough room to come back to that particular series in another thing we’ll be starting!
  • Bulletoon Invasion – Ehehe… I thought it’d be cute to call it that here. I’ll come up with a unique name for this. Anyway, yeah! I’m coming up with ideas for new Bulletoon episodes all the time. But some of them don’t see the light of day because… well… there just isn’t “enough” for a proper video, y’know? So what I’m gonna do is introduce a new series of articles that basically act as “Diet Bulletoon” essays. Short lil mini-articles that laser in on some specific topic pertaining to an anime. They’ll be on weeks between Flash Anime-tion and, yes, the twins will be the ones at the helm! Who knows? If people like the articles and they give me any ideas, maybe I can expand some of them into actual episodes! When we start, we’ll launch a sort of “Beta” version, but I will be updating it over time with some fancy new stuff. Mostly aesthetics.

“So!” I hear you say. “What are you planning to cover?” Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked! A special little thing recently decided to grace Netflix in my region of the world. As it’s from what is probably my favorite studio and I’d wanted to talk about it on my own blog anyway, I figured “Hey! Why the heck not?!” So the first review back is going to be none other than…

Yup! It’s BNA! After that, I’m going to take a few passes to cover things I’ve already seen, just to give myself a little time to watch more stuff and prepare some reviews in advance! I’ll be using our official Rating System, which the Twins outlined, HERE. Look forward to it! And speaking of the twins, welcome them to the text side of the site! You’d better Toon In for all the fun from those two!

My Personal Project – [EXTRA]

Okay. Out-of-Character, for a second here.

Now for my own personal announcement. I’ve not made a big deal of this here because… well… it is a personal project, after all. But I’m bringing it up just so people know what’s on my plate and can understand how busy I’m keeping. I’m in the process of writing another OELN series called EXTRACURRICULAR. It’s a high school drama series that was inspired by a particularly bad episode of anxiety and depression I wrestled with, late last year. This much is documented. I’m not someone who often turns these kinds of things into creative energy, or even particularly productive energy. I’ve never really felt compelled to. I just go play videogames or something. But I haven’t been that low in what feels like ages. I thought I’d gotten better, but I dunno. Maybe I was just suppressing it. So I decided to at least give it a try. I’m not planning to publish it here. Not yet, at least. I want to make it perfectly clear that this is a “me” thing. But I am planning to give it a sort of audiobook treatment with periodic chapter readings on YouTube. I’ve already thrown together a pitch document and audition sheet and will be sending it out after the first few episodes are out. So keep an eye out for details on that. When I have something more concrete, I’ll post the details here, and on my personal blog……. AHEM.

NEW New Stuff!

Okay! So now for all the suuuper new stuff we haven’t done before! There’s… not a lot. But there is oooone big thing. And this one’s all EvilBob! See, around here, we’re complete and total nerds! It’s not just anime, it’s pretty much everything. We love us some pop culture. And we haven’t really talked about other stuff in a while. So we decided to fix that! Remember when I did Soul Eater Summer, a while back? Well, now it’s EvilBob’s turn for a major seasonal event! And what is he planning to do? Cue the John Williams music!

That’s riiight! All summer long, everything’s coming up Star Wars! And specifically one of our mutual favorite aspects of the franchise – The Clone Wars. All of The Clone Wars. Covered one story arc at a time in chronological order with three throughout the week until he’s finished! May the Force be with him… he’s gonna need it. Ehehe…

So Let’s Review!

Right! Time for a list on what to expect and when!

  • Burning Sky – So if everything goes according to plan, you guys should start seeing seven of the nine Burning Sky series launching this winter! Why seven? Well, timeline-wise, two of them are a bit staggered. That’s all. But look forward to it!
  • The Return of Flash Anime-tion – I’ll be diving back into this review series with BNA (Brand New Animal) next weekend!
  • Diet Bulletoon – (Name Pending, Ahaha!) This series will launch two weekends from now! And I already have a topic in mind! Stay Toon’d!
  • Summer of Star Wars – EvilBob’s foray into Star Wars: The Clone Wars begins next week, with posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Ya catch all that? Good! It’s gonna be a super exciting time here! Busy but manageable, I think! And lots of fun! But that’s all I have to report for today! Glad to be back! Thanks, as always, for reading!

Keep up the Awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home! | Voyager Returns

  1. Wooderon

    Bruh, I’ve been going back and reviewing the Clone Wars too these past couple of months using that exact same approach. My archive is here: https://wooderon.com/star-wars-revisted-archive/ I warn you though; it’s probably going to take a bit longer than you may expect.
    I’m looking forward to it reading though, if any of you ever want to do anything collaboratively regarding the series let me know, I’d love the extra excuse to talk some Star Wars.

    1. EvilBob

      Oh? I’d have to check that out. I haven’t seen anyone else doing the whole Chronological Order thing yet. And as far as the time it will take I’ve watched through it and separated it into Arcs to make it easier on myself. And having Disney+ helps a lot. As for the collaborative thing we’ll see, I do love to collaborate though.


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