Tower of God | Episode 12 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

Yuri is back, and she’s pissed.

Tower of God

Tower of God (Episode 12)
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

Okay, I’ve got to put this out there before I really get started. I found this to be one of the most enjoyable and frustrating episodes to date. Yuri coming back and getting rid of that mascot made the episode for me. And Bam using his golden powers was amazing. But it’s what happened in those few last minutes that frustrated me. Bam had the test won. He and Rachel were guaranteed to pass the test and then she went and stood up. Something she was supposedly not able to do because of her injuries. And she pushed him out of the bubble.

Tower of God

I do have a theory as to why she did this. She didn’t want to be carried up the tower after seeing Bam almost die because of her. That would make sense right? But the fact that she could still stand and had enough strength to push him seems to throw my theory in the trash before it can take root. Bam isn’t weak. Which means that push had some strength behind it. If she was too weak to walk, she wouldn’t have been able to get that kind of push off on him. This means her injury isn’t as bad as we’ve been led to believe. This frustrates me because it feels like the writer got one over on the audience. I’ve seen a worse version of this and I have yet to read the source material so I can’t say this about that but this version of it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

Tower of God

Anyway, a mostly fun episode overall. I will be waiting to see the next season I did enjoy this one for the most part. Well, that’s all I have for you if you still feel like reading give Burning Sky a try. Until next time Keep It Classy.

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