Tower of God | Episode 11 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

The final test has begun. But can Bam and his friends pull this off?

Tower of God

Tower of God (Episode 11)
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

The final test seems interesting. Bam and Rachel have to get eaten by a monster and then get spat upon dry land. While the others play protect the president for a bunch of seals. It sounds simple on paper but there are five things against their efforts. The first one being Endorsi and Anaak’s relationship. They’re pretty much at each other’s throats through the entire test. And they get distracted by a competition to kill something called The Bull.

Tower of God

Endorsi wants the swords that Anaak has and if Anaak wins, then Endorsi will be her servant for life. The problem with them getting distracted is that they are both some of the stronger characters right now. With them off doing their own thing, the test is gonna be harder to pass. Two of the things against them are pretty simular. There are goblins and pigs that are gonna try and eat the seals the group is protecting. If those things get to the seals’ Bam could end up eaten by the wrong monster. And last but not least the troll doll of a mascot is back. He makes quick work of Anaak and Endorsi and seems bent on getting Endorsi to kill Anaak for him.

Tower of God

This episode wasn’t as action-packed as I thought it would be. The fights we got were over pretty fast. But that build-up for the final episode was pretty solid. Overall, I enjoyed this episode and I’m curious what this final one might be like. Anyway, that’s all I have for you if you still feel like reading check out Burning Sky. Until next time Keep It Classy.

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