Tower of God | Episode 10 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

The test is over and Team B… won? Sort of?

Tower of God

Tower of God (Episode 10)
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

With Rachel stabbed and all the things that happened last time, it looked as if Bam would be ending his climb up the tower earlier than expected. Of course, he decides to continue the climb, dragging her along with him. Oh yeah, and she can no longer walk, Meh, did a number on her. Speaking of Meh, apparently, Khun was behind the letter that led to the whole mess, so he’s responsible for Rachel‘s injury in the grand scheme of things. I wonder if that will come into play later on. Oh, and one more thing. It seems Anaak is now being hunted by some creepy guy dressed up as some weird mascot.

Tower of God

Bam’s secret finally came out too. Everyone in the room seemed to be floored that Bam’s an Irregular. The people in charge weren’t going to let Rachel climb the tower any more due to the injury she received from Meh. Khun used the knowledge that he obtained to asks about the Admin’s Test. As it turns out, only an Irregular can take that test. If he passes the test, Rachel will be able to travel along with him and apparently the others have decided to join him too.

Tower of God

We still don’t know much about the Admin. Just that it’s the same giant turtle thing from Bam’s first test. I’m curious about how this whole thing will play out. Overall it’s an improvement fro the last episode. That’s everything I have for you. If you have time check out Burning Sky and until next time Keep It Classy.

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