Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 2 | Episode 8 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

I honestly don’t think I have the words to do this episode justice, but here it goes.


Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 (Episode 8)
Studio(s): A-1 Pictures
Genre(s): Comedy, Psychological, Romance, School, Seinen

I’m not sure where to start so I’ll try by taking the events in order this time. The first thing that happens is Miko is actually made about the blatant breaking of the rules that she’s observed by the Student Council. And yes, that does extend to the misunderstandings from the last episode.  Of course, that leads to Chika getting her to break the rules and I won’t lie that was adorable. And then we get to the classic two students locked in a room scenario with Kaguya and Miyuki both believing the other is behind the whole thing. Spoiler alert neither of them did this. And it eventually leads to the pair almost kissing. You can thank Miko’s timing on that not happening. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s got the wrong idea again.


The next thing that happened was absolutely tragic. Kaguya passed out in the middle of the Student Council room. To make matter worse she gets examined in the hospital and is found to have the incurable disease that threatens many young hearts. She is diagnosed with being Love Sick. Yup, you heard that right. She’s so head over heel for the guy that it made her pass out. There’s a lot more to the joke so I suggest you watch that part yourself. But it doesn’t end with her recovery. She nearly passes out again whin Miyuki grabs her by the shoulders. God, I love this show.


So there you have it. This was a really fun episode and I made sure to leave out one of the funnier jokes s make sure to watch it when you get the chance. I think that’s all I have for you. If you have time make sure to check out Burning Sky. Until next time Keep It Classy.

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