Writers’ Room #4

Time for another foray into the minds of the Burning Sky writers! Let’s talk Chapter 6!

Iri’s Motion Sickness

EvilBob: Y’know, Iri’s a really awesome character. She’s smart, charming, tough, and a really good big sister.

Sharlenne: She’s also really acrobatic.

Voyager: That she is.

EvilBob: Buuut… then there’s that one big weakness. Motion sickness.

Sharlenne: Yeah. It’s pretty fun to see that, for as awesome as she is, she’s not invincible. She has her kryptonite. Except it’s not really kryptonite. It’s not a magic rock that hurts her, and only her (or the Djinn, in general). It’s a very normal, human weakness. And that makes her more relatable.

Voyager: *blink* Yeah. Sure.

Sharlenne: …What?

EvilBob: He doesn’t care about relatability.

Sharlenne: Wait… then why did you-?

Voyager: *shrug* It was funny.

Sharlenne: Dude, seriously?!

Voyager: Ahaha! Remember that thing about the blue curtains?

Kotori’s Excellent Adventure

EvilBob: So, um… I have a question.

Voyager: Oh. He’s not doing the hand-raising thing anymore. Yeees?

EvilBob: How did Kotori sneak onto that boat?

Voyager: Eh?

Sharlenne: Dude, everyone knows Japanese Djinn = Ninja.

Voyager: Uh… yeah! Let’s go with that!

EvilBob: But what about-?!

Voyager: *covers Bob’s mouth* Ah ah ah. Wouldn’t want you saying anything you’ll regret! Would we?

EvilBob: N-no sir. Wait, but she’s wearing bells!

Sharlenne: Wait, is that what those were for?

EvilBob: You thought they were just decoration?

Sharlenne: …damn. Girl’s good. Seriously, though, it’s actually a pretty good inclusion. Normally when you see a kid tag along, like that, you worry that they’re going to be the annoying, useless kid sidekick, you know?

EvilBob: True. But the way we do it here, it gives her an established skill. Something she can do to actually be useful. She’s so good at sneaking around, that she can slip through an entire ship of pirates, plus her sister, while wearing bells on her head, and still go completely unnoticed.

Voyager: Oh, totally! I was actually super worried she’d end up falling into that exact category Sharlenne was talking about! Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case!

An Introduction to Magic

Voyager: So! The stuff with the mage was pretty neat, eh?

EvilBob: It really was. And this was basically our first time really seeing magic used at all in the series. It was a pretty solid introduction and showed how magic tends to be used in this world.

Sharlenne: Yeah. It’s gonna be used in action scenes and stuff, obviously. But it’s also used in everyday life to solve problems like keeping a boat from getting caught in a storm or stranded at sea without any wind.

EvilBob: Also gives a sort of slight glimpse at how the magic of this world works without getting too heavy into all the specifics. That’s stuff we can always take our time with and reveal slowly so we’re not just dumping a ton of info on the audience at once.

Voyager: Yup. A bit of classic “show, don’t tell” at work there, actually.

And that’s it from us! The chapter was fairly straightforward and simple, without a lot of changes or anything. But stick around for next time because the last three chapters are when things are going to get interesting! What’d you think of Chapter 6? Let us know, down below! As always, Keep up the Awesome!


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