Tower of God | Episode 4 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

Looks like Anaak has some anger issues.

Tower of God

Tower of God (Episode 4)
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

I still don’t know enough about these swords to know why Anaak was after the one Bam borrowed but, with her display in the crown game, they might be the closest thing we get to god weapons in this series. If that’s the case, then I hope we get to see the other 11. But enough about Anaak and the special swords. This episode had it’s own MVP to show off to us.

Tower of God

Khun took center stage for a good portion of this episode and it was pretty awesome. His fighting style is reserved and cool just like he tries to be. He’s got some kind of speed or wind power and his bag seems to be his very own bag of holding. He singlehandedly got the other teams fighting each other and grabbed the crown for his team. And he did that by somehow copying the crown after blocking several powerful attacks.

Tower of God

Bam and Rak, on the other hand, barely did anything, this entire time. I wish they got to do something but Khun set them up to start winning this thing so, I’m guessing the next episode we give them both a chance to shine. Oh and Rachel‘s team seems dead set on killing everyone involved in the game, including Bam. I guess this tower is like prison. Once you’re in, it changes you. I hope they at least explain why her group is going all murder hobo. Right now I don’t buy her wanting to kill Bam when all of the flashbacks of her show her being kind. Anyway, That’s all I have for you. Thanks for letting me waste your time. And It’s time to beat a dead horse please check out Burning Sky when you get the chance. Until next time Keep It Classy.

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