Tower of God | Episode 3 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

Khun got some backstory this time. That was neat.

Tower of God

Tower of God (Episode 3)
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

This show seems to be moving at its own pace and I’m enjoying the ride so far. I love how none of the tests have been similar to each other. It also helps build anticipation of what they might go through next. It’s kind of a weird mix of HunterxHunter and Maid in Abyss. We know terrible crap can happen to people in this world but the selling point is in the adventure and how each team needs to get through the test to fulfill their dreams.

Speaking of the test, the timed test was pretty cool. Showing the whole ten numbers when it really only counts down to five minutes was a hilarious twist. And the fact that Rak had to figure it out by randomly kicking a door made it even better. And getting more backstory out of Khun was great too.

Tower of God

Just gotta say Anaak is awsome. She freaking swept an entire team without even getting hurt. it was amazing to watch and the fact that the entire thing was effortless made it kind of frightening, to be honest. I hope we get to see the spotlight on other characters too. It’d be fun to see how some of the others fight. Also, can we get Bam to fight soon, please? I just wanna see what else he can do with that sword. I’m also wondering if he’ll ever give it back. No, I don’t want to be told. I want to experience it.

Tower of God

Oh yeah. Last but not least, it looks like Rachel’s already coming into this. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see her this early in the show so now I’m curious how this whole thing is gonna play out. I don’t even have any theories of how I think it might happen yet. Stay tuned for those when I get them. Overall this was a great episode that delivered on some backstory and continued to entertain while it did so. Well, that’s everything I’ve got for you this time. Hopefully, I’ll have some theories to throw out next time. Just don’t tell me how wrong they are until the show gets there. Anyway, thanks for letting me waste your time. And when you get a minute check out Burning Sky. Keep it Classy.

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