Tower of God | Episode 2 | Anime Burst Spring 2020

It’s still weird but I kind of like it now. But what kind of impression did it leave me with? Guess you just need to read the rest to find out.

Tower of God

Tower of God Episode 2
Studio(s): Telecom Animation Film
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy

The battle royale portion was over awfully fast. I was expecting it to last a bit longer but I’ve no complaints with how it ended. The challenge that came after it might just be my favorite so far though. We get to see all the survivors choose teams. Some of them wish that didn’t happen. The main team might be my favorite of them all so far. Mind you, I haven’t read the source material so I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I like Rak. He’s a bit hardheaded and has a serious case of tunnel vision but aside from the first meeting, he’s a pretty cool dragon… lizard… gatorman? Whatever, he’s cool.

Tower of God

And then there’s the change in animation styles for comedic effect. I don’t mind this at all but I also don’t know why they need to do it. I think the comedy of their actions alone could pull off what they’re trying to do with the switch up. Regardless It doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the show so, there ya go.

Tower of God

This show might be growing on me. I was concerned about the first episode but those concerns seem to be unfounded. I hope they stay that way. Overall, this is an enjoyable show. If I felt like doing ratings it would be around an 8 or 9. So yeah a pretty solid start. I hope it stays fun for me as it goes on. Well, that’s all I have for you today. We’ve been busy around here so there won’t be a lot of posts but you can count on at least three every week. Anyway, thanks for letting me waste your time. And Keep It Classy.

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