No Time Like The Present! 4 Year Anniversary Mini Q&A

All right! Let’s answer some questions!

Yomu: How did you and the rest of the team meet?

An easy one to start us off! I like the cut of your jib!

Oh! That’s an easy and fun one! We met in college. I’ve mentioned it somewhat before, but I basically have a glorified English degree. The three of us met at varying points throughout our degree program! We worked on a lot of group projects and stuff so we just kinda naturally clicked. As for this particular endeavor, it began with just me and Bob trying to get some original projects started while I was going for my Masters and it evolved into… well… this! Then we brought on Sharlenne, shortly thereafter. Though she’s more focused on Burning Sky stuff.

Tiger: Other than the joy of blogging and a platform to expose your writing, whatโ€™s the next best thing youโ€™ve gotten from your website these past 4 years?

y u do dis?

Oh. Well. Darn. Those two things would’ve been my answer XD Ah… hm… this just became a lot tougher. Pass!

Kidding. Well, there are certainly a lot of practical answers. I’m the sort who strives to live by the “Never stop learning” mantra. The experience is certainly a boon. It’s forced me to kinda pick up some stuff and learn a thing, here and there. New editing tricks, new writing tactics I’ve observed in some of the stuff we’ve watched. Of course, on the less practical side, it’s given me an excuse to watch a ton of stuff I probably wouldn’t have, otherwise. If you know anything about me, I don’t tend to go out of my way to do a lot that isn’t wrapped up in some sort of personal goal. So I wouldn’t have watched a lot of shows without this (curiosity, itself, usually isn’t enough. Just ask my watch list).

Keiko: How did you come up with your blog name?

Well, since you asked…

Ahaha! That was me! We went through a bunch of names. But we settled on this pretty much because it’s a word I’ve always liked, it was reasonably separate from my personal brand, and we could work in a lot of wordplay with it and its meaning. Just as a refresher, one of the definitions of the word Galvanic is “stimulating; energizing.” Hence our slogan “Energizing Entertainment,” as well as all the electric and energy-themed aesthetics and terminology we tend to use. It’s broad enough that it’s not some word or phrase that traps us into just doing or talking about anime. We just kinda fell into that because we dabbled in it and it’s what got us the most attention.

Taryn the Dragon: How do you stay motivated to keep blogging?

Ah, yes. Another truly introspective question.

Huh. That’s actually a tricky one… tag-in!

EvilBob: Eh? Wait, I’m in this now?

Voyager: Yup! Buy me some time!

EvilBob: Oh, I’m the fodder. Uh… I don’t really know how to answer that.

Voyager: It’s true. He doesn’t really think very deeply about that kinda thing unless prodded.

EvilBob: Oi. I thought I was here to buy you time.

Voyager: You’re also entertainment!

EvilBob: at least try to hide your intentions… Well, the best answer I have is that it’s fun. I enjoy doing it. That’s pretty much it.

Voyager: So simple. Good answer, tho! k thx bye!

EvilBob: Wait, that was it?!

Back to just me! So. Yeah, it’s fun. But a lot of things are fun and I don’t stick with them for 4 consecutive years. Hmmm… well, I guess maybe there’s a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes with it. I’m not exactly mentally in a place where I get to feel that particularly often.

There’s also the sense that people enjoy what I do, so I wanna keep giving them stuff to look forward to.

There’s also more practical reasons, of course. It’s me, we’re talkin’ about, after all. It’ just good business, keeping myself and our whole brand active while we work on the stuff that obviously takes a lot longer (Burning Sky is only one of our projects, after all). It’s better than just dumping massive projects all at once, out of the blue without anyone knowing who we are. That and other business-y details I won’t get into.

It also just helps to have the creative outlet. Otherwise I am very much the sort who’d just go to work then come home and play video games, or whatever. Not only do I just hate the idea of that, I honestly just think it’d be unhealthy for me, given my mental state.

That said, I do treat this like a job (in part) and, as such, burnout is a thing. So I’m gonna be taking a step back soon to focus on our bigger projects and my personal blog, but more on that another time.

And that’s all the questions! Thanks, again, to Yomu, Tiger, Keiko, and Taryn for those submissions, as well as everyone’s congratulatory remarks and all the support we’ve gotten over the years! It’s been a blast and I’m looking forward to more awesome in the years to come!

Take Care!

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