Burning Sky Character Reveal – The Unstoppable

Bastions of Justice, the Templars are the military might that upholds the Creed of Nemesis. Having long fought to defend the world from supernatural threats, such as the Akuma and the Djinn, they are the world’s protectors. And none are more famous than the legendary hero of the Djinn Uprising – Baldrik Jaeger, better known as “Baldrik the Unstoppable.”

-Tells the best stories.
-Don’t challenge him to a drinking contest. You’ll lose.
-Good with kids.
-Wizard at the forge.
-Definitely retired…

Burning Sky Trivia: The Templars are the world’s most powerful army. And such an army needs only the highest quality equipment. In the world of Gaea, there exists a metal. Adamantine. Harder than any other substance known to man. And unbelievably rare. Only the greatest smiths have mastered working with it. And Baldrik’s family lineage is among the few fortunate enough to learn. For all his experience in battle, his experience behind a forge is equally as commendable.

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