Burning Sky Character Reveal – The Tag-Along

Meet the latest member of the Burning Sky cast, the kid sister of the illustrious Itou, Iri.

Children are the future. And if this little firecracker is anything to go by, the future of Gaea is looking pretty sweet. Call it good big sister-ing or just plain ol’ serendipity, but Itou, Kotori turned out pretty okay for having grown up in the crime capital of the world.

-Idolizes her Onee-chan.
-Quite the sweet tooth.
-Wears bells for a reason… they don’t really work.
-Too brave for her own good.
-Filter? What filter?

Burning Sky Trivia: Like her sister, Kotori hails from the Far East land of Sunaka. Though she was much too young to remember it. As one of the two regions making up the eastern archipelago, Sunaka is run by the Creed of Kyouhaku – Goddess who embodies Diligence and Perseverance. Their people are well known for their unparalleled work ethic and ability to weather any storm through sheer grit. They’re an honorable lot, and highly value their many longstanding traditions.

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