Burning Sky Character Reveal – The Negotiator

And now it’s time for the next new member of the Burning Sky cast. Meet the savvy negotiator from the rough Nazir underbelly.

The Djinn aren’t slaves everywhere. There are places where they have the same rights as anyone. Such as the rough streets of Nazir, to the Gaean Southwest. There, the Djinn are as free to be victims of petty crimes as any other citizen. To survive there, you need to be not just tough, but also smart. And Itou, Iri is usually the smartest person in the room.

-World’s Best Big Sis
-ALWAYS Gets What She Wants
-Loves Collecting Things
-Teases You Relentlessly
-Nooot a Fan of Boats

Burning Sky Trivia: Iri originally hails from the far-eastern land of Sunaka, making up half of a major archipelago. However, when she was a child she relocated to Nazir. Suddenly she’d gone from a land of diligence and honor to what basically amounted to a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Nazir is a land of thieves and cutthroats. To live there, one has to be cunning. It’s the home of the incredibly lax Creed of Injenii – Goddess of Cleverness. A virtue deeply valued by all the pirates and scoundrels who run the place, as Iri learned from experience.

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