Burning Sky Character Reveal – The Heart

Meet the next member of the Burning Sky cast and learn a little more about the world!

The world of Burning Sky is one with a dark history. It can be cruel and unforgiving. In the face of that relentless gloom, it’s only appropriate that there be something to illuminate the way. That is where we introduce you to perhaps the brightest light in the story, Faye Lockley.

Artwork by Gunship Revolution

-Somehow not an actual angel.
-Still too pure for this hateful world.
-Loves seeing new places.
-Amazingly poor sense of direction.
-Just visiting.

Burning Sky Trivia: Faye hails from the northern region of Eurale, where the Creed of Eleos is the law of the land. Named for the Gaean Goddess of Kindness, it’s well known that the Creed represents the spirit of goodwill. They preach the values of neighborliness and politeness. Per the guidance of the Holy Basilica, it is the Creed’s undying mission to make the world just… a bit more pleasant. A goal they accomplish through missionaries and relief efforts across the globe.

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