The Countdown to Burning Sky Begins Now

Hello, Internet! The time is finally upon us. Welcome, one and all. This is the Official Countdown… to Burning Sky.

All right, everyone! It’s time for us to finally start dropping all the really juicy details about this little, absolutely massive project of ours as the release date – we’ll come back to that – creeps up on us, getting ever closer and closer still. This is going to be the definitive breakdown post of all the key information, leading up to everything. So, without further ado, let’s get into the madness. Q&A Style!

Q: So How And Where Are You Going To Be Releasing These?

First let’s talk about how we’re going to be releasing these bad boys. We’ll start with our format. Of course, this is a web novel, so we’re going to release the books, a chapter at a time. When the books officially begin to hit the web, you can expect them on essentially a bi-weekly schedule, coming out every other weekend.

And then there’s the matter of the platform. As it’s been, so far, with our Short Fiction mini-series – Burning Sky Uprising – we’ll be releasing the chapters here on this very website. However, we’ll also be making the first book accessible through other online web novel hosts, such as Wattpad, among others. More on that another time. But, suffice to say, you’ll have your pick of ways to access the first story however you feel like.

Thereafter, we’re also going to be making collected volumes and, likely several months out from the completion of each book’s initial publication, we’ll even have what we’re going to call our Light Novel Editions. Essentially, these are collected volumes with all the chapters, but as sort of a “Director’s Cut.” They’ll be tweaked to include some minor new content, as well as author commentary stuff, and… oh. Duh. ARTWORK. Sound cool? Well, that’s because it is.

Q: Are The Books All Free?


Okay. There’s more to that. The simple fact is that this isn’t sustainable if we’re not going to be making anything off of it because it’s expensive to produce these. So yes. The books are monetized. BUT. There is a caveat. Remember how ya didn’t have to pay for the short fictions? Well, here’s the cool part. First of all, we’re going to be making more of those and they are absolutely free. But more than that? Well, because we like you guys, the entire first book is going to be available on this site and across the other web platforms 100% free. You won’t have to pay a dime, nickel, or penny. Consider it… a free sample. A very, very big free sample. The central reason for this is that the first book is essentially a glorified prologue. We just don’t wanna force you guys to pay for what basically equates to a demo.

Now. On to the meat and potatoes of this whole thing. How will the project be monetized? Well, there are currently a handful of ways we’re planning. The actual monetary figures and implementation isn’t entirely worked out. Yet. But your options are thus.

  • Individual Chapter Purchase
  • Subscription
  • Collected Volumes

The pros and cons of each should be fairly evident, but here they all are anyway, just to lay everything our for you. Purchasing individual chapters gives you the most control over your spending and is middle-of-the-road in terms of actual expense.

You can also get the collected volumes, but that would mean you’d have to wait for those to come out. Which means waiting the several months for the books to complete their individual chapter publications. There’s also a bonus option to the Collected Volumes, which is to wait even even longer for the full Light Novel Edition to be released. But that could leave you waiting for months after the initial Collected Volume. Though if you were to pay for that version, you’d get the normal Collected Volume at no extra cost to tide you over, so there’s that.

The last option, and probably the most appealing, is the Subscription plan. Wait. Don’t leave. I’ll explain. So here’s the breakdown. There are two options. A normal Subscription and a Premiu- COME BACK HERE. Right. So. A normal subscription and a premium subscription. The normal subscription automatically gives you access to aaaall the chapters. All of ’em. You’ll be able to read them immediately when they hit the site. Easy as that. And probably for somewhere around $3/month or something along those lines. The Premium version is a bit more complicated. For a slightly higher number, you’ll not only have access to all the chapters as they come out, but it’s also a package deal that’ll come with digital downloads of the Light Novel editions when they release.

So. Have I soothed the alarm bells yet? No? Well… stick around. There’s more that might help. Trust me on this.

Q: So How Is This Going To Affect The Site?

Yeeeah. So. About that.

Are you guys enjoying the latest TKO? I certainly hope so because, uh… it’s pro’lly gonna be the last one for quite a while. The simple fact is that this project is far bigger than you know (but o’ you will find out). We can’t really sustain doing this and the regular anime coverage. But there’s one saving grace in the whole thing. This won’t affect Bulletoon at all. So there will still at least be that to look forward to.

Does that mean there won’t be any anime stuff on the site? Eh. I wouldn’t say that, exactly. Just… not quite as much as there has been. Once this season is over, there’s going to be a major slow down, on that front. If not a total freeze. When the workload of the books dies down a little (which is a thing that’ll happen, eventually) we may come back to it. But, if we’re honest, this is the reason we essentially made the site to begin with – original content. So this is taking top priority.

The site will functionally be taken over by this project. So there will definitely be content here. Just not focused on anime. If you do honestly want to keep up with anime coverage, then I do have my personal blog where I’m going to be doing really short impressions on stuff I happen to be watching, but that’s about it. Short impressions. Nothing especially deep. Otherwise, you’ll have to get your fix from Bulletoon. Which… you know. Isn’t a bad thing at all. More people should watch it. It’s cool and stuff. (and it’s not like I slave away on those videos every week for you, or anything… baka)

Q: All Right, All Right. So When Are You Releasing Book 1?

Yes. Here’s the big one. So let’s just get straight to the point. We can’t say for absolute certain. However, the projected release date of the first book – Burning Sky Prelude – is February 29. Why that day, specifically? Because, my friends, that is the anniversary of this very website. And, as such, what better way to celebrate, right? Of course, we’ll likely also have some sort of official anniversary post. But I can think of no better way to celebrate 4 years of us being around than to treat you guys to the first chapter in our awesome adventure.

Q: Okay. But What About…You Know… THAT?

Hm? What ever are you talking about? Ah. Right. The reason you probably clicked on this at all, right? The featured image? Yes. I wonder what ever that could be about.

Q: …

Kidding. Kidding. Very well. I suppose you’ve been patient enough. And so have I, darn it! I’ve been sitting on this for months! Looks like we can finally reveal it to you all! The official artwork for one of the protagonists in the upcoming book. Ladies and gents, meet our hero – one of ’em, anyway – Ike Harper!

An eager – perhaps overly so – young Templar, fresh out of the Academy, all Ike wants is to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Baldrik Jaeger, and become a Great Knight. But he has many arduous hurdles ahead of him.

-100% Tired of all the short jokes.
-Incidentally, perpetually in over his head.
-The Noobiest of Noobs.
-Bored to death of Guard Duty.
-Probably the Goodest Boi.

We’re really happy with how he turned out. And we can’t wait for you all to see him in action! He’s a really fun character.

Q: Wait Did You Just Say ONE Of…?

Hm? Oh, I did. Didn’t I? Well, as a matter of fact, that would be the very next thing on our little agenda! See, as a whole, the first book has a total of three protagonists, as well as two pretty significant side characters. And in the weeks leading up to the release of the first chapter, you’re gonna get to know all of ’em. Look forward to it!

Q: Still. Even With All That, It Doesn’t Sound Like THAT Big A Project.

Oh, you sweet summer child. Who said that was everything? See, the thing that makes this such an enormous project isn’t that it’s a particularly long series of books. Why in the world do you think we’re able to work on several books, all at once? The thing is, my dear, unsuspecting reader… this is not just a mere series… it’s several. For, you see, Burning Sky… is not one story. It’s a full Universe. That’s right, friends. I’ve been holding this one close to the chest, but the internal name for this project? The WORLD of Burning Sky. 9 Series to start out. All parallel to one another


NOW you understand why the subscription is a steal, yes? That’s right. The one subscription gives you access to all of it. Every single series. And no, you won’t have to read absolutely all of them to understand what’s happening. We’ll make sure of that.

Of course, these projects are still very much in development. And we’re not especially ready to reveal any further details about any of them. That time will come. But, for now, there’s an impending book to concern yourselves with. The prelude that starts it all.

Q: …Holy S**t.

I know. Alas, that is all we have time for, today. So here’s the part where I must bid you farewell. After all. Now that you know how busy we truly are, we’d like to think you understand. Have fun waiting. Tah!

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