Welcome to the Winter 2020 Anime TKO!

Ladies and Gentlemen, nerds of all ages! It’s that time again! Welcome to the inaugural round of the first Anime TKO of 2020!

Voyager: That’s right, everyone! We’re back! And ready for another fun round of our seasonal anime tournament! This is the Winter 2020 Anime TKO!


Voyager: What my excited friend said! We’d like to start by thanking you wonderful folks to dropping by! Now just kick back, relax, and watch some of this season’s hottest anime duke it out in bloody combat!

EvilBob: Wait, what?

Voyager: Faito!

EvilBob: Being ignored works…

Voyager: Oh!

EvilBob: Oh?

Voyager: But a quick thing before we get started! We goofed. Our bad! We left out an important step when we went over the rules, last time.

EvilBob: Oh, that. Yeah. We forgot to mention that it’s not just the averages of the individual episode scores we factor in. We also add up all the final scores of each episode per show, then get the averages of those. And that’s how each show moves up or down the list.

Voyager: Right! It’s not all that important right this minute, since it’s just the first round, but it’s good to keep in mind! And now for our feature presentation!

EvilBob: Juuust keep in mind that not everything is out, this week. So today’s battle is preeetty sparse.

Voyager: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Anywho, now it’s off to the races!

EvilBob: FIGHT!

Somali to Mori no Kamisama (76 Points)

Captured from Crunchyroll

Voyager – 72
EvilBob – 80

EvilBob: This show’s pretty good.

Voyager: Soooo preeeettyyyy!

EvilBob: I know, right? The environments are just… stunning. And some of the monster designs are pretty cool. Could use some work in the character department, though.

Voyager: Also, Somali was so cuuuute! I want one.

EvilBob: …You want a kid?

Voyager: …I didn’t think about the ramifications of that statement before I said it…

EvilBob: Clearly.

Voyager: The story was cute. The exposition was a little grating since it kinda just stopped the story for a few minutes, tho. Still, it was really calming and the relationship between Somali and Golem was endearing!

Koisuru Asteroid (74 Points)

Captured from Crunchyroll

Voyager – 73
EvilBob – 75

Voyager: *raises hand*

EvilBob: …you know you don’t have to ask permission, right?

Voyager: *raises hand higher*

EvilBob: …Yes?

Voyager: I think I actually enjoyed this one a lil more than Somali.

EvilBob: Oh really?

Voyager: Yeah yeah yeah!

EvilBob: Odd, coming from you.

Voyager: Right?! But it’s weird! I caught myself being all smiley and stuff while I watched it! And I figured it out! It was cute and surprisingly pretty funny.

EvilBob: …Well, I could’a told you that.

Voyager: Not done. Aside from that, it was also surprisingly pretty, in places. Not nearly on the same level as Somali. But still! I do think it had better character animation, though. It was a lot smoother. And the characters captured a different kind of cuteness.

EvilBob: That why your personal score was higher on it?

Voyager: Eh? Oh. No, that’s just because I think it did a better job setting up characters and told a more satisfying, complete story in the one episode.

EvilBob: …Well, okay then.

ID:Invaded (67 Points)

Captured from Funimation

Voyager – 63
EvilBob – 70

EvilBob: …Okay, what had happened was…

Voyager: Ooooh! So low! It’s actually really surprising!

EvilBob: S-shut up! This is your fault!

Voyager: Ahahaha!

EvilBob: So the fact is, we’re only covering the first episode. Yes, we know that two were released, but we wanted the first round to just be about getting points on the board. We’ll cover 2 and 3 next time.

Voyager: Yup! And as the episode stood, it was good! Really intriguing! Aaaand… not a lot else.

EvilBob: …You’re not gonna go on one of your little happy rants, are you?

Voyager: That’s funny! Those two words don’t go together at all!

EvilBob: …so you are, then.

Voyager: The visuals are really cool and the concept is neat, but that’s about it! In the first episode, we know almost nothing about anyone, so there’s barely anything in the character or story department!

EvilBob: Well… that was tame.

Voyager: Boo. You always think the worst of me, Bob. You’re gonna hurt my feelings.

EvilBob: I’d feel sorry if I thought you had any.

Voyager: So mean!

Murenase! Seton Gakuen (64 Points)

Captured from Crunchyroll

Voyager – 68
EvilBob – 60

Voyager: *stare*

EvilBob: Don’t you even.

Voyager: *stare*

EvilBob: Stop that. Stop that, right now.

Voyager: Jiiiiiiiiii…

EvilBob: *sigh* Look, it’s hard for me to enjoy something when I have to keep checking over my shoulder, okay!

Voyager: Ahahaha! Bob’s sensitive to sexy time!

EvilBob: That is not the problem, here! Besides! It was funny!

Voyager: Heeeeh?

EvilBob: What?!

Voyager: Nothing! I just wanted to see your reactions!

EvilBob: You evil little…

Voyager: Ahaha! That’s your thing, silly!

EvilBob: You know what I meant!

Voyager: But you’re right! It was surprisingly funny. And it also put a lot more thought into the characters and themes than I expected it to. The episode even had a pretty complete arc. Kudos!

EvilBob: I will not be ignored!

Voyager: Wrap-up time!

EvilBob: Hey!

Prized Moment

Captured from Crunchyroll

Voyager: All right, this was just adorable.

EvilBob: If this sweet little thing were in Bleach, I think Bleach would suddenly be several times better.

Voyager: Cuter, at least.

Choice Screen Grab

Captured from Crunchyroll

EvilBob: Huh. They captured that look my dad gives when I ask for money, perfectly.

Top Line

Captured from Crunchyroll

Voyager: Okay, the line isn’t really the most important part here. It’s the delivery and the context.

EvilBob: Why is this girl so bone-chillingly terrifying?

MVP: Somali & Golem

Captured from Crunchyroll

EvilBob: Could it really have been any other duo? The MVP is the character (or characters) who carries the whole episode.

Voyager: Yeah! They put the whole episode in their backpack and go for a leisurely hike! That’s what Somali and Golem did the whole time! They really held the episode down well, considering it was really just the two of them.

Voyager: And we’re done!

EvilBob: Wow. That was more trouble than I expected it to be…

Voyager: You know you had fun.

EvilBob: I admit nothing.

Voyager: Hee. Booob, your tsundere’s showing.

EvilBob: S-shut up! It’s not like I missed doing the TKO or anything, b-baka!

Voyager: Ehehe. I believe you, considering how you always lost.

EvilBob: . . .

Voyager: Anyway, that’s a wrap everyone! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and we’ll be back with even more new shows, next time!

EvilBob: What do you think of the offerings so far? Agree with the scores? Let us know, down below.

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take Care!

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