Burning Sky: The Story of Gaea

Want to know more about the world of Gaea? Well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good read! Enjoy our official foreword to the story of Burning Sky!

To hear the stories tell it, mankind was not made. Rather, it crawled out from the furthest depths of an eternal darkness that enveloped the world of Gaea. Not on their own. No, they were uplifted. Guided out under the holy light provided by beings beyond comprehension. Ten entities who came to be worshipped and recognized as the greatest and most powerful of the world’s many spirits. Higher Gods. And it was based on their teachings that humanity ascended, claiming the land and sea under the banner of the Bindings of Ten. But it wouldn’t last. For a great cataclysm nearly crumbled all that man had built.

Some thousand years ago, it appeared in the skies over Gaea. A burning red ring of flame, circling the planet. Mankind’s fascination quickly turned to panic as, shortly thereafter, the first of… them appeared. Born of flames were beings called Djinn. Human at a glance, but all bearing horns, fangs, pointed ears – the traits of devils. Joined with command over hellish fire. Fearful, men turned to their gods for answers… and received none. They began to fight amongst themselves, decrying the Djinn for creating the Sky Fire and bickering over religious beliefs.

But at the height of their fighting, the true threat emerged – The Akuma. Demons of clockwork and hellfire that came from below and laid waste to everything in their path. To defeat them, mankind turned to the heavens for power. With this, they enslaved many of the Djinn and drove the iron devils back underground. But unable to see eye-to-eye, society splintered, breaking the Bindings of Ten into separate Creeds, each in the name of a deity. Valora, Injenii, Nintai, Cariti, Kyouhaku, Kenkyo, Eleos, Xinxin, Coercos, Nemesis – these are the pillars of the Ten Creeds that control Gaea even now. And this is the world of the Burning Sky. A world ravaged by many a great war. And may soon bear witness to the first embers… of another.

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