No Guns Life | Anime Burst 9

I’m somewhat disappointed with this episode. It was mostly exposition and set up for the next arc. Well, let’s get this started.

No Guns Life
Studio(s): Madhouse
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

Quick Thoughts

No Guns Life

Why is this guy back? He’s not a good villain or character so why did they feel the need to torment us with him again? I guess the silver lining is that this will most likely be his final moments in the show. But still, I feel like he should’ve been dead already.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

No Guns Life

Tetsurou and Mary storming into Juuzo’s office. They dropped two major bombs on Juuzo including the fact that Mary was moving in thanks to Juuzo’s actions making her workspace unsafe. His reactions to the whole thing made it hilarious to me.

Favorite Line

No Guns Life

We finally get to know more about Mary’s past and she’s annoyed that someone even asked. We find out later that she’s looking for her long lost brother and that she hasn’t seen him since the war. Which means there’s not a whole lot of hope of him still being alive… or is there?

MVP: Mary

No Guns Life

Gotta give it to Mary this time. Just by showing up she pushed things forward. I guess it helps that the things regarding her are far more interesting than what that little weasel of a man has planned. Please kill him off in the next episode.


No Guns Life

One last thing before I totally wrap this up. One of Mary’s clients gave her a robotic arm that was apparently made by her brother. I don’t trust the guy, especially after the incredibly shady exchange he had with Tetsurou. But I do wonder if the job he wants help with involves her brother in some capacity. Anyway, those are my thoughts. What did y’all think? Was this episode a low point for you too? Leave some comments below. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.

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