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All right! Got a few little updates for everyone, so let’s jump right into it! …I feel like I just stole someone else’s thing. Did I just steal someone else’s thing?

Burning Sky

It’s Finally Out! …Kinda!

So, did you like that little TEASER? Let’s get this out of the way, first. Earlier today, we posted the first of a handful of official short fiction projects, leading up to the release of the first volume of Burning Sky! It was super fun to work on, if a bit stressful because of complicated scheduling conflicts. You’ll have no doubt noticed that things haven’t been at the height of productivity over the past few days. This came about for a handful of reasons. One of those reasons was my need to work on this exact project. You’d be surprised at how long a simple short fiction can take, especially when juggled with work schedule tango, mental health upkeep, and so-on. Even so, it was cool to write. We’re really pleased with how it turned out and we can’t wait for the next one! Keep an eye out because I’m not going to be quite so secretive, anymore. You’ll know, well in advance, when the next one’s coming up.

As I stated, I also did put up a link to the posting on my personal site because of the wider layout. So that hopefully makes it more appealing to read for people who won’t want to have to read something of that length in such a tight format. We’re looking into updating this site’s layout (probably the same theme, but with a different structure) soonish. Maybe around New Years, so that probably hopefully won’t persist.


This is an update I’m making to the function of the Bulletoon schedule. Let me explain. I am the primary force operating Bulletoon. I write the scripts, occasionally with the others helping or at least helping research a topic for it. I edit all of the clips, the audio, the (limited) effects, etc. And the process of making a single episode takes something like two to three days (when I have the lines), depending on how much time I’m able to put into it, all at once. Lately my schedule, especially my work schedule, has been too hectic to allow me to work on the show on a weekly basis. Does that mean there will no longer be an episode every week? No. That means we’re going to start operating entirely on a backlog system. Basically I’m going to take some time to prepare an entire season in advance and edit the episodes whilst putting together the scripts for another season. Doing this, I can get back to regularly uploading the episodes and not feeling bad about having to take so many breaks. The show’s moving in a direction I like, but I’m currently in a position where I’m not able to work on it as much. And that hurts, man. Because I genuinely love doing the show. So I’m gonna try this, see if it works.

I’m Curious!

Quick one. I didn’t have time to do a post in the series, this week, because of the holiday. But There were some fun responses to it. THIS post on The Animanga Spellbook had a particularly in-depth one that was a pleasant surprise! You should totally check it out! Alas, all of the responses I did get more or less reinforced the exact semi-cynical reasoning I was hoping wouldn’t be the case. Of course, I understand that the main character (generally) isn’t gonna be the one to kick the bucket. But I suppose my questioning was more a case of why the roles are never reversed. And the answer for that is unfortunately rather disappointing. C’est la vie. On to the next question! See ya Wednesday!


And that’s the long and short of it! Some quick updates to close out the month! As stated earlier, hope you guys get to check out and enjoy the new Burning Sky short fiction! The guys and I really dig what we’ve managed to put together and think it’ll only make the road to the first volume that much more exciting! Now that it’s out and Thanksgiving is over, we’ll be getting back to a state of normalcy (at least until Christmas draws near) with our uploads. Thanks for reading, as always!

Keep up the Awesome!

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  1. magicconan14 (Aria)

    Aww, shucks, Voyager…you (and Iniksbane, it seems) embarrass me.

    I haven’t actually watched a Bulletoon until recently (the Spy x Family one, to be specific), but it seems like you’ve got your stuff really under control there.


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