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A’right. This month is… pretty stacked, all things considered.

No, but really. We’ve got a lot going on, here. So let’s just do a quick review and talk about what’s gonna be coming up soon.

Burning Sky

Let’s get the important one out of the way first. Our web novel project, Burning Sky, is coming together. We’re so far predicting an early 2020 release of the first volume. How early? Well, you’ll see. We’ll make that announcement once the time is nearer, provided our projections all work out the way we want them to. But what happens in the meantime? Well, remember when I said you could expect something this month? You absolutely can. Your first big tease of what’s in store will drop at the end of the month. What will it be? Ah, but you’ll have to wait and see for yourself.


Unrelated, but why does it look like hardly anyone saw this episode go up? Seriously, y’all. You’re missin’ out.

Bulletoon is going to be adopting a slightly new style. No format changes. Just a new way in which we lay out the seasons. Basically, we’re going to – for the foreseeable future – have the show focus on brief manga and anime spotlights, lists, and other shorter formats, then close out the month with one of the bigger, more involved episodes. Like a character spotlight or a thematic deep dive. This because it just makes it easier for us to write and prepare the show, every week, when we have less stuff we have to work with. Then we can basically spend the entire month prepping those bigger episodes. I love the new format of the show. And a lot of others seem to be as well. So we’re absolutely gonna stick to it. Also, I’m thinking we’ll be creating a “Bulletoon Suggestion Box” in the sidebar, so people can recommend anime/manga for us to cover on the show. You can maybe try recommending light novels, but I can’t guarantee we’ll get to those. Would you guys like that idea? Also, as a reminder, the show is no longer Bulletoon Weekend, just Bulletoon. The series is now operating on a “when the episodes are done” format. We just don’t yet have a new logo.



Now, I already more or less announced that I was creating a new blog, specifically for myself. Mostly as a means of personal development and whatnot. I’ll be using it as a journal of sorts, though not every post is going to be public. But I’m also going to be using it to casually talk about anime and manga, as well as other stuff that interests me. There’ll also be more updates on projects and whatnot there than we’re liable to post here. They’re still likely to be rather vague, but there’ll be more so you’ll have a better sense of where we are in terms of progress on things. There’s also a bit of surprise waiting over there for anyone who’s interested in original content. The site will also act as a portfolio and a just a general point of contact for anyone looking to get a hold of me just to chat or to send professional inquiries my way. So it’s essentially a catch-all. If you’re interested, please feel free to check it out, give it a follow. I’ve already put up two posts, in fact. Just so we’re clear, I will also be shortly putting up a complete post featuring basically a guide/tour of the new site and the content you can expect to find on it. In the meantime, though, there’s a link below for anyone who wants to just dive right in and discover it all for themselves.

New Personal Blog – VOYAGER

I’m Curious!

On a whim, I decided to start a new series called I’m Curious, wherein I’ll ask a media-related question every week and try to start up some manner of dialogue in the comments or what-have-you. You can even just write posts on the subject, yourselves, on your own sites. As long as it starts a conversation. I’m thinking I’ll post these on Wednesdays. I already have a few lined up. That sound good to you guys?

Schedule Update

No Guns Life 

This is a super small thing that I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if no one noticed. But, from here on out, we’re not posting anything outside the hours of 9AM – 5PM EST, with the exception of Friday and Saturday, which extends the closing window to 9PM. This is mostly a time conservation thing. But it’s also an optimization thing and a “We need to sleep at some point” thing. For the current season, all anime reviews will occur 1-2 days after the episode premieres, which is our old model from way back. It’s just the most practical way to go about things while we’ve got all these other projects to be giving our attention to.


This is going to be a very quick but pretty big announcement. As we come up on the release of Burning Sky and more long-form, original, written content on the site, we’re deciding to finally move over to a layout that’s a little more reader-friendly. It’ll take us a bit to get it all sorted out, so I wouldn’t say to expect this change in the next few days. It’ll likely come some time around Thanksgiving (US, of course). And once we’ve selected a new theme, I’m going to have to note that the transition will not be seamless. There are going to be some logistics for us to figure out and some functions we’ll need to delve into. So we’ll be finding our legs again. But I think it’ll also be a good way to sort of refresh everything around here after, what, three years? So look forward to it.


Okay! That’s that! Thanks for reading, everyone! This month’s gonna be pretty big for us. Myself, in particular. Hope you enjoy what we have in store!

Keep up the Awesome!

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