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Time to see some heroic resolve.

My Hero Academia (Season 4)
Boku no Hero Academia (Season 4)
Studio(s): Bones
Genre(s): ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

My Hero Academia

Well. That was convenient. Or highly inconvenient. Depending on your point of view. Either way, yikes. That poor girl.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

Hoo boy, the tension of this scene was somethin’ else. Loved it.

Favorite Line

My Hero Academia

God, this sequence was good. Such a great moment for both Deku and All-Might.

MVP: Deku

My Hero Academia

If Deku’s greatly in-character and admirable, albeit poor handling of the Overhaul situation didn’t win me over, then that last sequence of Deku talking to All-Might did the trick. With Deku announcing his resolve to his idol and mentor and that very mentor, inspired by his pupil’s spirit, announcing his own renewed resolve, the moment was excellent. But the moment hinges on Deku. And everything we’ve seen up until now reinforces the whole thing.


My Hero Academia

All right. The ball’s really started to get rolling on this show, now. What about you guys of Deku and All-Might’s little oath? Let me know, down below! Thanks for reading!

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