How Are You Feeling?

…What an unfair question.

I really don’t know how anyone answers that question honestly. It implies an inherent understanding of your own emotions. Those are some high expectations, man.

In all seriousness, though, this is largely just a way for me to follow up on the post I made a while ago, announcing my short break from the site. In retrospect, it probably should’ve been longer. But the businessperson in me won’t allow that. So I got back to things within the week, as expected. I dare not say “I’m fine,” because… well, frankly, I don’t know if I am or not. I live in a perpetual state of not knowing whether something’s actually wrong with me or if I’m just kind of awful. But, for the moment, I feel relatively okay. Better, at least, than I was.

Anyway, I’ve spoken to some people since then. It’s a work in progress, but pretty much all of them have said similar things to start. “You’re a writer. Keep a journal.” They tell me this because I tend to draw blanks on questions revolving around my own thoughts or feelings. As fair a point as it is, I typically sort of wince at it. I don’t know why. I’ve never really liked the idea. I guess part of me just sort of feels like it wouldn’t help? But I dunno. Maybe it would. That sorta led me to the thought I had recently, though. The idea of maybe doing an actual personal blog that isn’t completely tied to what I’m doing around here. That way I can do some stuff more freely without the stringent expectations I place on myself to run this one, which is intended to be at least semi-professional. Perhaps it can be used as a method of letting people get to know me more. Because I don’t think anyone here is blind to the fact that, per this site, I’m playing a character, most of the time. Even if the thoughts are largely just exaggerations of my own.

It’s not really a suggestion or a question. I’m gonna do it. Use it as sort of a hybrid between this and a personal journal where I can feel a bit less restricted by the confines of what this very site exists to be. Just a place where I’ll actually be free to speak candidly about more personal things and be less concerned with structure and schedules and whatnot while also still talking about the stuff I enjoy. Maybe actually connect with people more through that than what I’d be able to do here. A no-pressure environment, I guess. Perhaps it’d help. If I can stay motivated to do it, anyway.

That’s all I’ve got, for now. Any further details will actually beĀ on that blog. So yeah. I’ll likely make an official post once the site’s up and ready to go. I’ll link it to this site when it’s ready so, if you’re interested, you can follow that as well when it goes live. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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