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Won’t even lie. The lack of HeroAca, last week, threw me off and I forgot about this. Whoops.

We Never Learn!
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!
Studio(s): SilverArvo Animation
Genre(s): HaremComedyRomanceSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

We Never Learn

Oh, hey, a Fumino episode! Sorta. The first half was, anyway. Honestly, I just love her reactions to things. The second half was fine, if a bit of a retread of a segment from Season 1.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

We Never Learn

How do I know Uruka is best girl? She has exactly one feature scene in the entire episode, and it’s the best one by a longshot. Who knew she could be so… spiteful? I loved it!

Favorite Line

We Never Learn

I laughed at Rizu’s line, here, perhaps a bit louder than I should’ve. She’s just really good at that sort of random, completely oblivious to the situation style of humor.

MVP: Fumino

We Never Learn

She does make up the majority of the episode, after all. And, like I said, her reactions to things are great.


We Never Learn

And that’s all for this episode. Apologies on the delay. What’d you guys think of Nariyuki’s secret talent? Let me know, down below. And, of course, be sure to keep an eye on EvilBob’s coverage of Cautious Hero!

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