No Guns Life | Anime Burst 4

So there’s one thing I don’t like about this show now. Good thing the rest of it was still solid.

No Guns Life 
Studio(s): Madhouse
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

Quick Thoughts
No Guns Life 

Okay, let’s get my one gripe out of the way. The one girl who died. Why was she anywhere near a combat zone? She didn’t do any fighting while on-screen. She seemed to be there just to stop the other from going berserk and to die. And don’t even get me started with the whole “living as a tool” thing. Anyway, she really didn’t contribute to the story as a whole. What we did get was a flashback right before she died so meh, I guess.

Favorite Sequence or Scene
No Guns Life 

Tetsurou pulling the trigger to finish the chase. Juuzo allowing anyone to use his head cannon is a big deal all by itself. On a side note, what kind of gun is it? That thing seemed way too powerful to be a normal gun.

Favorite Line
No Guns Life 

Okay, this one was chosen because I found it funny. This guy just shot a girl that was working for him before saying this. I doubt very much he even knows what mercy means.

MVP: Tetsurou
No Guns Life 

Tetsurou, of course. He got this whole thing started in the last episode, trying to fix a mess he thought was his fault. And when it all backfired in his face, he kept trying to fight it. I think Tetsurou and Juuzo are gonna make a great team as time goes on and I hope we see Juuzo trust him as he rises to the challenge.

No Guns Life 

And those are my thoughts on this episode. I’m still a little miffed about the random death but I did enjoy the rest of the episode. Anyway, what do y’all think about this episode? Leave your comments down below and don’t forget to check in with Voyager. Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.

4 thoughts on “No Guns Life | Anime Burst 4

  1. For me the guy from the company was the low point. His motive of revenge is so lame and I can’t stand villains who have the perfect opportunity to win and throw it away because of some illogical decision.
    I enjoyed the episode despite that, but I feel this show needs a better face for the antagonistic company fast or it is going to get a little bit hard to take.

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