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And now for the first true test of the new season.

My Hero Academia (Season 4)
Boku no Hero Academia (Season 4)
Studio(s): Bones
Genre(s): ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

My Hero Academia

Ye gods, this boy goes through mentors children through Halloween candy. One thing’s for sure. If the boy isn’t the greatest hero by the end of things, he’s gonna be the most learned.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

My Hero Academia

Of course it was this sequence. This is just peak MHA. Given a test he’s basically destined to fail by a new mentor figure who’ll wind up teaching him something valuable in the end, Deku shows us once again what makes him so special.

Favorite Line

My Hero Academia

One would think that, in an episode filled with poignant lines about heroism and potential, one of those would be here. But nope. Just Todoroki and Bakugo back-and-forth. These two are a fun combo, sue me.

MVP: Deku

My Hero Academia

Was that not already obvious? I remember, a while back (I’m assuming from what’d happened in the Manga, at that time), how people were complaining that Deku didn’t deserve this power and Mirio did… which seems like a classic case of “Missing the Bloody Point.” The entire idea is that, on paper, he absolutely is the better choice. That’s what Mirio exists to make us think. And Deku even thinks it, briefly, himself. But that’s just it. Even faced with that reality, Deku isn’t deterred. And I love that about him. What’s he decide he’s going to do? Rise to the challenge. Peak Deku, Peak MHA, Peak Shounen. Great moment.


My Hero Academia

And that’s a wrap! I’m all caught up! Kinda. So what’d you think of Sir Nighteye? Let me know, down below. And, of course, feel free to check out my coverage of the last episode!

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