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Some slow, but veeery effective buildup, all things considered.

My Hero Academia (Season 4)
Boku no Hero Academia (Season 4)
Studio(s): Bones
Genre(s): ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

My Hero Academia

This, uh… this season’s gonna get dark, ain’t it? Pretty sure that’s the first on-screen death of the entire series. Hoo boy. We’re in for a ride. But it’s gonna be a good one, I can tell.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

My Hero Academia

As if you didn’t already know…

Favorite Line

My Hero Academia

“I want to be strong enough that no one will worry about me. To always win… To always save everyone… I want to be… the Greatest Hero.”

Dekuuu! Awww! He’s starting to get it! Hooray for character development!

MVP: Overhaul

My Hero Academia

DAYUM! ._.


My Hero Academia

That was… rather short. But, hey, it’s a setup episode. I think we can be pretty confident things are going to ramp up once it’s all out of the way. I think that’s just par for the course with My Hero Academia, at this point. They take a while to get going, then really hit the gas. What’d you think of Overhaul’s introduction? Let me know, down below! And be sure to check out EvilBob’s coverage of No Guns Life!

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