No Guns Life

No Guns Life | Anime Burst 3

So Juzo won’t be the main focus of every episode… Cool!

No Guns Life 
Studio(s): Madhouse
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

Quick Thoughts
No Guns Life

It looks like this will be giving us episodes for specific characters rather than Juzo being the main focus. That means we should be getting a lot more back story on the others which I hope
includes Mary.

Favorite Sequence or Scene
No Guns Life

Juzo with the Mob. You know someone is tough when the Mob doesn’t even scare them. Juzo handled them like a pro and earned their respect all at the same time.

Favorite Line
No Guns Life

This line cements what Juzo and Tetsurou stand for. Yes, they were modified to be used as tools but that isn’t who they are. And they won’t allow anyone else to be treated the same way.

No Guns Life

Tetsurou surprisingly enough. The dude straight up hijacked Juzo’s body to fight his own battle. I know it’s kind of wrong for him to do that but Juzo did want him to handle things himself… Although it did somewhat contradict the whole not wanting people to be used as tools. I’m not sure how I feel about that part.

No Guns Life

Well, those are my current thoughts on the episode. I still like this show it hasn’t made me dislike it yet. So what do y’all think? Is No Guns Life still being good to you? If so leave some comments. It gets lonely on this site without Voyager bugging me every article. Also make sure to check up on him and give him support. That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.
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