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Let’s talk about two series that would have one HECK of an awesome crossover, shall we?

The influence of Alice in Wonderland is extremely difficult to not see if you have even a passing interest in media. You may not recognize it, but it’s absolutely there. The entire Isekai genre is playing in a sandbox that Lewis Carroll’s 1865 adventure basically codified. But while the genre has veered off into a path all its own, I think there’s something to be said about stories that may not technically fall into the genre, while still definitely taking notes from its progenitor. And two series that do this splendidly, albeit to varying degrees, are Kyousougiga and Flip Flappers.

Let’s start with the obvious. The two series boast incredibly unique, highly stylized, colorful, eye-popping worlds that would be amazing to see bleeding into one another. And based on the logic of the two stories, such a thing doesn’t seem totally out of the realm of possibility. Kyousougiga makes it very clear that there are multiple worlds. And Flip Flappers is incredibly vague about the nature of a lot of its own world’s aspects. So there’s room enough to fiddle with things and make something like this happen. In fact, the trippy, reality-stretching nature of both series could lead to some absolutely bonkers adventures between the series leads.

Next? Characters, of course. This is where things would be a little weird, right? Flip Flappers is a Magical Girl series, at the end of the day. Meanwhile, Kyousougiga… definitely isn’t. But I think that’d make it even more exciting! This aspect is the most jarringly different thing between the two series, but Flip Flappers didn’t exactly hard-commit to the Magical Girl thing until pretty late in the game. Beyond that, the girls had a lot of other zany adventures that never involved them transforming. Plus, Koto has some pretty funky powers of her own. But more than that, I just think the character dynamics between the three would be a treat. Cocona and Papika are adorable but what would it look like for them to interact with the loud and brash Koto, who’s basically a demigod? Heck, she’s practically a god of destruction. Let’s see that combo with the powers of creation on display by the Flip Flappers girls!

Next, let’s talk themes. The two are pretty much perfectly compatible in that sense because they’re both about bonds – one being about the bonds we form with others and one about the bonds we share with our family. It even goes so far as both series featuring a parently character going insane and trying to destroy everything for the sake of their family. And while the two situations definitely didn’t end in quite the same way, I think there’d still be a lot for the characters to talk about and think on.

Flip Flappers

All in all, it’s a fun idea but an extremely unlikely one. I’d just love to see more stuff like this out of crossovers. Things that are more than just similar in some aspects or polar opposites. I wanna see stuff that’d be absolutely wild. But what do you guys think? What crossovers would you want to see? There have been a lot of great examples across the Animanga Festival, so far! One that I’m amazed I didn’t think about was the Index franchise and Boku no Hero Academia. That was just brilliant. If you wanna keep up with the other awesome participants, then keep an eye on #theAnimangaFestival on Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “A Clash of Creativity is the Crossover I Want | Animanga Festival

  1. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    I’ve yet to watch either of these two eye-popping titles, but they do feel very similar stylistically, and I’d bet it’d be one heck of a show!

    Also, thanks for checkin’ out my post for the festival–thrilled that you found my idea of a collab even the tiniest bit interesting!

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