No Guns Life | Anime Burst 2

I think I may like this show… A little.

No Guns Life 
Studio(s): Madhouse
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

Quick Thoughts

No Guns Life 

This show continues to entertain me. Juuzou is fast approaching my top slot for Cyborgs in anime. Even with the gun for a head, he shows a lot more emotion than I thought possible and on top of that, he appears to be as OP as he looks.

Favorite Sequence or Scene
No Guns Life 

Meeting Mary was my favorite scene in this episode. I was not expecting her to be the way she is from what little I’ve seen of her in the opening. She’s smart, sassy, and little on the mischievous side even picking on Juuzou as if he were a brother to her. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

Favorite Line
No Guns Life 

He said this while knocking out the final boss for this case, which he had to fight through a sizable group to get to in the first place. God, Juuzou is cool.

No Guns Life 

Juuzou this time. Although I almost gave this to Mary. Juuzou drove the story for these first two episodes so it’s a given that he gets this first one.

No Guns Life 

Well, those all my thoughts on this episode. What do you guys think? Should Mary have taken the MVP slot or did Juuzou take his rightful place? Comment your thoughts below. Also while you’re on the site check in on Voyager. Well, that’s all I have time for today. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.

4 thoughts on “No Guns Life | Anime Burst 2

    • I hope it doesn’t derail, that would be a bummer. I picked this one up because my brother wanted a sci-fi show and this one fit the bill. It’s a plus that I’m enjoying it so far but that can change pretty quickly given my history with sci-fi prior to this.

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      • Oh yes. Good concept and a good couple of opening episodes abound in sci-fi stories but whether they can sustain it and make it all make sense I guess we will find out. I’ve been burned far too many times by stories that open strong and then you hit the mid-season and by the end you are just shaking your head and wondering just where it all went wrong. Fingers crossed No Guns Life isn’t one of those and is here to give us a fun ride.

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  1. Yeah, I hear ya. It’s why I rarely watch sci-fi anime. If this goes south I’m probably still gonna cover it till the end though. I’m only covering two this season so I can’t really afford to lose one now.


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