No Guns Life

No Guns Life | Burst impressions

Another new anime for me to watch. But what kind of impression did it leave on me?

No Guns Life 
Studio(s): Madhouse
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Seinen

The Expectation

No Guns LifeI was expecting an overly gritty story about a cyborg trying to regain his lost memories. Basically exactly what it says on the synopsis. When it comes to Sci-Fi anime, I’m seldom impressed enough to keep watching them so I was skeptical about this one.

The Reality

No Guns LifeWhat I got was something that seems to be a lot more fun than the synopsis indicates. The main character, Juuzou, is indeed a cyborg but he’s far from what I’d call traditional. The dude has a gun for a head and he seems to be working as a detective of sorts. The entire show has a Crime Noir feel to it, making it that much more interesting.

The Predictions

No Guns LifeIf this were a standard Sci-Fi anime I would say this is gonna end badly. But with the Noir elements I’m not sure if that will be how things shake out. I’m guessing the case Juuzou is currently on will be wrapped up in the next few episodes and that we’ll get a few cases to fill out the season. If this gets a season two, I have no idea where it’ll go.


No Guns LifeWell, those are my thoughts on No Guns Life. What do you guys think will happen? Leave some comments down below and make sure to check up on Voyager’s coverage of Bokuben! That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep it Classy.

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